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Maintenance Tracking Program

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For a reasonably priced and easy to use program I would suggest Fleet Status 2. Although it's not as advanced as some of the pricier packages, it does a really good job for our small fleet (less than 10 aircraft). We have been using it for years and have even made changes to the program itself simply by suggesting them to the company. Very capable and easy to use with a small learning curve.






Contacted them and they are not taking on any new clients.


They did however recommend we take a look at TData.com

Anybody have an experience with them?


So still no solution or magic bullet yet....


WinAir - Expensive especially if you buy MP's Templates which really is a must have.

You can lease the program that gets the $$ down.


Calm Air - Their demo freezes my computer = Pass


Aeronet - Looking at that one, holds promise. Anybody using it??


AMS - Too big, to expensive


Airborne Data Systems - Again too rich $$, seems to have every option available to mankind.


A perfect world for a small operation like ours would be ....


Buy or Hire someone to create ATA styled Maintenance templates for each aircraft.

Populate an excel spreadsheet.

Find a single source to receive daily email updates for AD's, SB's etc..

Incorporate the AD / SB tracking into the spreadsheet


Viola, Still enough time left in the day to have some fun, like go flying...

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