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State Of The Canadian Aviation Sector


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Just wondered what you people felt about the state of the Market at the moment.


As I've mentioned in another post, I'd quite like to get back into it after taking a break but am not sure what the market's like over there and am moving over in a matter of months.


After lucking out on a job in the U.S cos of visa problems and missing out on a job with my companies Avionics division (I work in their Industrial) cos I was "too young" it's kinda got me wanting to get back into it.

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Guest Bullet Remington

Personally, I feel the Aviation market is like the underwear of a "Previuosly Enjoyed Companion" when the fleets in port.


Ya know, up and down, up and down!! :up: :up:

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Basicaly it's this simple: if you have an M1/M2 license and you're not a total fu**-up (i.e. your references check out), then you get to pick the job you want, plain & simple!

I don't have enough fingers in both hands to name you all the companies that are SCREAMING for licensed A.M.E.'s, specially in Northern Alberta/B.C.


However, if you're an apprentice, it might take a bit longer but if you have some experience and good references, you'll get a job in no time!! :up:


Good luck!

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Lemme see,


Was half way through my JAR66 training (2 years) when I left to go back to Industrial Instrumentation which I'm time served apprntice in.


Got enough basic training to sit the TC class "E" exams (just waiting on BA to collate all my info and get me a reference) as well as a 3 year college diploma in Avionics, as well as a 3 year diploma in Instrumentation.


From the Interest I've had from Honeywell aerospace (after trial trips and interviews deemed I was too young at 24) and from Garrett Aviation (got a job offer but no visa until I marry my American Woman, in 18 months), what do you think my chances are?

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