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Jet-B In A Diesel?

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The dewline site in Hall Beach had a 6.5 turbo diesel Chev a few years ago and all they used in it was jet b. Sounded like it was knocking it's brains out. I remember asking one of the guys what was wrong with it and he said it was because of the jet fuel. I remember it having super low miles on it too. Could be BS but that's what I was told.

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I certainly would not run it in my diesel. Jet A is ok, but you still need to add a quart of conditioner every tank or ATF but this would still foul up modern diesels. Just think of Jet B as being Jet A mixed with gasoline. Knocking is due to detonation because of the higher burn qualities of gas

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I'll add that Jet-B is not a good idea for a diesel. The cetane rating of it is much too low for use in a diesel, except for a multi-fuel engine (which can run whatever anyways, and unless you're driving a mil surplus 6x6 you don't have one).


GM actually had a technical bulletin way back when about blending gasoline with diesel to improve cold starting. They retracted said bulletin shortly afterwards because it was contributing to the failure of their engines (which were already prone to failure at that point). :lol: That's about the same effect that you would get running Jet-B.


Also, most modern diesels will love Jet-A, but you should run some sort of an additive. Two stroke oil or an actual diesel additive works (some are useless though, do your research) and there will be zero risk to the engine or its management systems.

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Jet B + diesel engine = mucho problemo !!!! :shock:




After draining a main tank in an S61 a number of years back, in order to do a boost pump change, we poured the drained fuel into the aft tank of the Chevy pickup truck that was used to haul around the Grumman ops trailer. The base manager of that particular base informed us that they still used Jet B so that tank was used sparingly and was given a few quarts of ATF (for lube) until it could be burnt off and topped up with diesel.


Jet B has a fair bit of Naptha in it. Naptha is "white Gas" or better known as BBQ lighter fluid. It lights off better at high altitudes, burns cleaner but will destroy your diesel engine as it runs the rings dry without as much lubrication as the Diesel does.



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