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What The?


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What the **** is going on?

Why are relevant posts (with no errors or foul language) being deleted??!

How this site works is starting to piss me off....

Why is it we have to put up with Peeshooter and his 7 other alias'?

Somebody enlighten me.. before this gets deleted

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Well, nothing was deleted from the new server so it was most likely from the old one. I know the topic you speak of, I saw it too. This morning, we were still hitting the old server. If it was on or about the time when you saw the green text stating we were on the new server - well, I was fooled too, we were all actually still hitting the old one.


Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Mr Duf.




Well, I am happy that I have not been banned, and I will take full responsibility for the alias Leadingedge, Peeshooter. You should note that the the leading edge was deleted and banned till 2009. Probably because there was an assumption that others where involved.


So Mr. Duf, What is a peeshooter?


Perhaps some of your more knowlegable helicopter experts could help you with this one as they seem to know everything else. The question is helicopter related.


#### is not permitted to answer this question.


So what's the peeshooter?


Cheers and good luck with the training.




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