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Need Input

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I am currently dealing with WCB in an attempt to build a base of information regarding helicopter pilots and the day to day job we do. It seems that until now, they have little or no information regarding our job (at least the flying part). When someone says, 'longlining'..it is met with a blank stare. Bucketing..well, that seems to mean going down to the well early in the morning.... And.."don't you guys have running water out there?" Don't get me wrong. I am not saying anything out of line here. I respect the job they do, even more so now that it is an official program to gather information to form a data base that may be of assistance to one or more of us down the road.

I would appreciate any input from all or any of you. What do you think the people at WCB should know about our job? Any areas that do not fall under the basic guidlines as set out by the WCB?

What would you like to see them know about the day to day operation of a helicopter. This includes fires, logging, exploration etc....Any arena.

I will include all suggestions in my summation to the powers that be at WCB. (huh,that rymes)


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Collective: It would be nice if you stated what province you are dealing with and if you are just trying to gather info and or were actually hired by WCB.


If you are not already aware any WCB I have dealt with is nothing but a bureacratic organsization that is governed by idiots that have no reality or common sence.


Should you supply more info with your real name an address, you will get all kinds of info. As this info is mostly confidential, you will not get info with an alias.


Cheers, Don

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Thanks for the response.

As I stated, this is an attempt to find out what you the pilot think they, the WCB, should understand. I do not want, nor did I ask for, any confidential information. I am asking for suggestions.

By the sounds of things, you have had to deal with them in the past. What do YOU think the people you delt with in the past should have known about your job in order to properly deal with any injuries a pilot may suffer? They are used to dealing with truck drivers, nurses, labourers etc...however, there is a lack of understanding in regards to our industry and it's uniqueness.

Apparently, you have had some problems with WCB. What we are trying to do is forge a better understanding between WCB (them) and the pilots (us), without creating a 'them and us' scenario.

As it turns out, I am in Alberta. But, this will go a long way toward creating an information base regarding the jobs we do and the resulting injuries should the worst happen, right across the country.

I do not work for the WCB as most know. I am just looking for input.

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That's all we need. WCB coming to tell us how to do our job. So far, for the most part, they leave us alone. Let's try and keep it that way.


If you are not already aware any WCB I have dealt with is nothing but a bureacratic organsization that is governed by idiots that have no reality or common sence.  :down:


Well said Blackmac. Won't no good come from them, as they come to "help us...". :stupid:



Better to leave the can opener in the pocket, than mess with that can of worms. B)

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:huh: Whoa there gentlemen......Yes, a huge part of WCB is, first of all they virtually have no jurisdiction in regards to aviation, as we are HRDC governed as far as pilots go, secondly to try and "get along "when we do bump into them, WOULD be to try and educate them. My suggestion to you Collective would be to contact the HAC as they have dealt with WCB numerous times over the years, and have a wealth of information that may be available. Again.....this is only a suggestion.....good luck ;)
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Knowing Collective as I do, I can assure all that he's open to all ideas and is intelligent enough to be going in the other mentioned directions also. Let me say this much..... he's is in a position now to have their undivided attention and they want to learn for the future and have stated so. They are willing to be educated at least in one province for starters, so why shut them out?


Without being patronizing or trying to speak for Collective, I believe he will be doing the other things suggested, but also wants opinions from us....so he can use the term "we" with some justification when he converses with them on a first person basis.


Oh and by the way, he ain't a "green horn" in this business and has been around long enough to know the "downs' and "ups" of this place we call home. I believe Albert Ross "read that" also and offered a valuable suggestion...ditto for Blackmac.

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A friend of mine was embroiled with a dispute with his company a few years ago ( Bad neck/ back ) - The book " Helicopter Human factors" was of a great help to him at the hearing . A doctor friend suggested that he bring proof that helicopters vibrate.

When the "Company" stated that helicopters don't vibrate ( NO Kidding!!! ) we produced the Maint Manual and vibrex charts - We WIN.

The hearing board was quite severe in the judgement as to the ethics of the company concerned.

The case set precedent for compensation cases in Quebec.

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Thanx for the ideas...like skids up, I do not want them telling me how to do my job nor watching over me while I do it. However, as is the situation in several past cases, the people at these offices do not know the difference between flight time and air time. They do actualy think that we are only at work when the ship is defying gravity, I have managed to organize a couple of flight in various ships over the next few days so the people who deal with pilots following an unfortunate situation, will, in the future, have a better understanding of what the ship is and what we as drivers do. Including, remote fueling, long lining, confined areas, loading and unloading the helicopter in a hurry, how much weight we have to move around on the grounde (nets and cargo etc.) Vibration is a very good subject to bring to the attention of these folk. Thank you. Hanging out the door flying the load is another one. Thanks for any suggestions. I will be flying with them again tomorow. The wx people here are saying -28 with wc factor of

-39...mabey I'll take the doors off.

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