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To change any legislation re WCB in Ontario, it takes an of act parliement.


There is no criteria specifically applying to aircrew, anybody in an accident is treated the same as any industry worker in transport.


Break your back in a helicopter accident through no fault of your own, accept WCB payments, which are rediculus, find out that you are incapable of going back to your old job.


I found a job which exceeded there maximum payout and asked them to either train me so I was at my same salary level prior to the accident or put more money in the kitty. The accident happened in 1987 and I just finished going thru all the hoops to try and get some satisfaction with no success.


The maximums are established by the government and can only be changed by the government.


Until that day comes about you will be treated as a common laborer.


Also, all provinces have different interpretations of WCB.


WCB should be the same accross the country as EI.


IMHO you are beating a dead horse, payments to any provincial WCB is racked by polotics and will not change in my lifetime.


Remember your employer is the one paying for it.


Cheers, Don


PS: As all licensed aircrew are regulated federally, they should also be governed by a federal workers comp.


It pisses me off that none of you turkeys wanted to form an assocciation, items like this can be looked after with enough clout.


HAC won't touch this, they are owners and want to keep the rates as low as possible.


Some Day y'all will realize how you are being screwed without getting kissed.

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heck of an idea. Don't think I can swing that but, I did get them to come out flying and spend a day watching what we do. I thought we were going out again tomorrow, but it appears we will not be going out now until next Wed, 19th.

Sisyphus; Can't thank you enough for the point in the right direction. I will search these out.

Helilog56; could't have said it better, thank you.

Cap; thanx for the support pal.


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Everything you say is soooo true.

I don't think we are really trying to change any legeslation at this time. Just bringing some information to the folks who deal with us when things go wrong. Information they do not have now. I don't know if we can or even if we, as a group, should be involved in the political end of things. I just think that if there is some sort of acceptance of that fact that what we do is a little different then most other jobs, should the time come (God forbid) that one of us need the services, we are not looked at with complete mystery. I agree with what has been said here already. They do not know what we do. I wish I could bring them out to the camps for two weeks, get two days off then go back to work. Not doable. I just want to use this occasion to bring a better understanding to the otehr side so when one of my buddies finds he/she must go to them with back problems etel, they may have a better understanding.

Again, thanx for the suggestions.

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Collective: Not having dealt with WCB in Alberta, I can only relate to Ontario.


The Ontario WCB uses a set of criteria established in conjunction with procedures from the US.


The Doctors go by specific guidlines, that have to be confirmed by more than one Doctor.


Once you are established in a certain category, the you are allotted money or whatever to the minimum or maximum of that category.


The Doctor or claims person cannot exceed the guidlines under any circumstances.


IMHO no individual we be able to change there outlook, I tried, it is very hard dealing with robots, they have no feelings or compassion.


An association does not have to play polotics, it's called lobbying.


Just why do you think HAC's head office is Ottawa.


Cap says you are a nice guy and I will accept that, but I still think you are dreaming.


As they say in Alberta, have a good day, anyways, eh.


Cheers, Don

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Collective -------no thanks needed bud. I just happen to know that you are in an extremely unique situation with WCB WANTING to know and willing to spend time and major dollars to find out this information. Most times one needs a lawyer and a Louisville Slugger to get their attention and they still DON'T CARE......or sure as **** don't appear to. WCB varies greatly across the country, but in BC they carry great weight and Alberta isn't far behind. Ralph's got the "ducats" now and doesn't mind doing different than the rest of Canada and you got their ears, so "go get'em buddy......ya just never know what might happen. It ain't often that WCB comes "knocking" wanting to be educated and willing to spend the price of a/c to find out.



....and you stay well!


Blackmac ----- afraid that I have to agree with you also and realize what Collective's odds are with WCB anywhere. He's also not naive, but recognizes an opening where he MIGHT just make some headway. I don't think it will hurt us to give him all the help he asks for. All he's asking is for us to use our keyboards for some ideas after all and do it here, e-mail or PM him.

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They want to make guidelines to work with from a position of knowledge...which they don't have and Collective can attest to that. Let's see if they can't make those guidelines from an intelligent, INFORMED position which THEY are asking for. Otherwise, they will definitely make those decisions anyway, but will do it from a position of ignorance. They are working with Collective and spending a fair amount of ducats to so, so don' get the idea that this is some "brain-storm" of Collective's or "cause celebre" that he's promoting. "Educated bites" are needed..."stupid bites" aren't and we got enough of the latter to last a lifetime.

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WCB fulfills a good mandate and has a purpose. However once they have been educated to the ways of the industy and have spent money on studies etc. The next thing you know we will have a gang of self qualified experts to deal with. The next step is official rules.


I solemly believe that caution should be aired here.


We are already regulated "au bout" and what new provincially recognized regulations and rules will be contrived through studies papers, reports etc.are sure to cause a 100% unnessesary pain in the *** for operators who will be forced to comply with yet another provincal body with greater quaisi authority in the work place.


No, Cap we already have enough to deal with, and if I might say the industry from a safety end is doing quite fine.





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