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As usual you get the nay sayers that have nothing to contribute except negativity. I won't bother naming them because they do that all by themselves.


I have been trying thru different venues since 1990 to get WCB in Ontario to recognize the difference between truck drivers in transportation and air crew, to no avail. I actually was on a quest as CTD and a few other individuals knew, to try and get a better understanding the role of a "Bush Helicopter Pilot" by the WCB.

Any time you want to see the ridiculous amount of paper work I have from lawyers and the WCB, it's mind boggling gobble gook.


Again, I wish you luck as I know from whence you come.


Cheers, Don


PS: I was hoping to set a precident to be applied to all air crew.

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:) And by the way.....Collective, some of us really do appreciate you putting in the effort to work within a bureaucracy, that as it has been pointed out, is extremely frustrating. Some within this thread are obviously very negative (and rightfully so). Their past experiences in dealing with WCB, has perhaps made them form a decision, that it is a losing battle so why bother?

Actually Blackmac, you are right on.....an association is what is needed within this industry.

All one has to do is look at what the HAC has managed to do within the industry when lobbying against absurd recommendations that come out of Nav Canada and Transport Canada. They "voice" of many speaks very loudly.

The point I am trying to emphasize, is many battles may be lost, but a lot is at stake here for our industry. It is still growing, and maturing.

Every bit of effort is should be appreciated no matter how big or small.... :up:

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Well, its all over and it didn't hurt all that bad. With the help of a very fine driver in St. Albert, (put a carousel on a 100' line on a picnic table for them to understand accuracy and hanging out the door in Alberta winter weather, -25c) the WCB people had an up close and personal look at what we do with the ships we fly. Following that, there were a few silent moments and blank expressions on faces while the WCB boys thought about how little they knew about our work. I submitted a lengthy summation on what it was they were watching (they took many photo's for the files) and answered questions to the best of my ability for about two hours. Now, slinging, bucketing, long lineing, fueling, hooking nets, etc are not phrases that will baffel them (at least shouldn't).

We talked about camp life, vibration, sitting for long hours in the seat, seatbelts, repetition of tasks, working in weather, and the list goes on. After the dust settled and the beer was out, comments like, "I never knew..." and "That makes a world of difference in how we will handle injury assessments.." and the always..."How do you get a helicopter pilots license and how much does it cost?" ( wide eyes at that subject I tell ya)

All in all, a worthwhile exercise. Now....having said that. What they do with this information is up to them. But, they do have it now and it is another tool available for them when needed. I hope it helps, if not..it was fun anyway.

Cheers folks

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So Collective, when are you going to do the same with a collection of Bank Loans Officers, Life Insurance companies and the decision-makers at HRDC? You can't stop now that you are "on a roll". This is the "Information Age" you understand. :lol:


Your "talking-machine" will make noises sometime soon, so be around. :D

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Collective: It would be appreciated if you would post an addresss and who to contact at the Alberta WCB to get a copy of thier report so it can be passed on to the other province's.


This reflects on all "AIR CREW".


Possibly Mike Reyno at "Vertical" can do a follow up story.


Again, well done and much appreciated by all whom it effects or will effect.


Cheers, Don

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Blackmac ------may I assume that you would consider offering-up your "injured and old bones" for research to move this along at some point? Just wondering how strongly you feel about this subject, that's all. I'm not suggesting that you are planning on "leaving us" anytime soon though. :lol::lol:

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Even though I'm retarded, sorry re-tired, I still consider myself part of the industry and will do anything for the betterment of the lot, both pilots and engineers, as I am both.


If we are federally regulated, why should we not have a federal regulated workers compensation board??????


As it stands now every province has a different interpretation of an injury, go figure.


Please, don't start me on a tangent, I don't have the time.


I have to raise a whole bunch of money for the Cancer Society, I'm the local sponsorship cordinator for my area besides being a volunteer driver. Drove everyday this week.


For your added info 14 people a day get cancer in the Ottawa area.



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