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Smoke Blown Up My _____?


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In a telephone conversation with a school owner, I asked what the top end of the payscale is, and what area.

He replied " The highest paid would be in a logging position , 200k+ possible per year"

I explained it was just curiosity, money wasn't important...

He said " It isn't important now but when you get to be my age, it will be"

that's fair.

He also said " If I am not making 10 grand a month , I am not happy"

I think he was really honest about most questions I fired at him (lots).

He also had a couple decades beneath his belt and 10k+ hours




PS> Thanks for the replies fellas, this is a great site!

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10 grand a month, eh? Full time, 12 months per year? 120 grand a year seems high for an instructor, but if you own the school... Be careful with what schools tell you (no disrespect intended) because their objective is, of course, to get you in the seat for 100 hours and 40 grand.


At the low end you may only be employed for a few months out of the year in a ground support role making only a few dollars for your first season in aviation. Once your in the seat, your first flying season might get you 30 grand, depending on who you fly for and how much you fly. 'Couple thousand hours flying a 206 and you could be in the 50 to 80 grand per year range, again depending on who you're working for.


This info is based on my own experience and you will no doubt hear other opinions, but your best bet is to gather as much info from operational folks (pilots and engineers) as possible, and don't rely too heavily on "money to be made" info from the schools.


Good luck in your quest.

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Yes, I think you will see 20-32000 a year first actual year emplyoyed. But will increase quickly once flying. Most fellas after 3-4 years in the 50 65000 range depending upon where and what doing. 10000 month, well as GM says maybe an instructor who owns his own co. but ???? The highly experienced pros at penticton are probably getting 65-75 a year and these are the best of the best in Canada as far as instructors go. IMHO the unsung most underpayed people in VFR are these men(and women) who dedicate themselves to passing on the decades of information to the new and upcoming pilots for a pittance. We should be proud in Canada that we have experienced instructors doing this and give them their respect and pay, but alas we penalize them for wanting to be a t home and have families and then pay them accordingly, CRAP.


OOHHH I feel myself digresssssinnnnnnnggggg!



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200K a year logging??? i don't think so. i think around 160K max would be an appropriate number and that is a high time exp. driver..............


as far as instructing goes? it's not the best money i've made but i am home every night, live 10 minutes from work (yes, you can go home for lunch :up: ) and i make more than i did as a captain at helijet..............


if i don't make 10000 a month i ain't happy either ;) ...but then i'm never happy :P:P:D

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The last thing your going to get in the first few years after the training part

is money. The main desire must be to fly this machine and take your reward

in achieving that. The money will eventually come along but it's allways going

to be secoundary.


Start practicing this line.... I can't believe they accually pay me to fly this thing.


:up: :up:




Fly Safe

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