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That is a brantly, when I worked for AES there was a guy at the airport with one of those.He would ask if we wanted to go for a flight I declined and glad because when he would take off with one guy on board he'd use every foot of the runway to get off the grond (yikes) :shock: It sounded like it had a 10 horse briggs and straton in it (without a muffler) :lol:

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Well spotted, Twinstar - the first one is indeed a skeeter, which had fabric blades and was used by the British Army before they used the Scout, which was a derivative. When parking in a field overnight, you had to make sure the cows didn't lick the dope off the blades. It also had just about enough power on a hot day to get round the circuit!


I'm not sure, but I think I even know the guy sitting in the front seat.



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Albert -------ya know, all us older guys must have been "about two sandwiches short of a full picnic" considering NOW, what we flew or trained on THEN. I just laughed my head off at what you said and I remembered the old Hillier I trained on with the US Army. The cyclic was overhead with normal cyclic boot around it and the a/c had "castoring wheels like one of grandmother's beds. That was interesting for "run-on" landings, but you managed. The other interesting part was arriving at the a/c after a rainy night and with a hang-over from the night before. As is normal, you checked all the controls for freedom of movement before you started her up. So you reach up and rotate the cyclic and "WHOOOSH".......down into your face came a very large boot-full of ice cold water onto your hung-over head and face. Ask me how many times that happened before the brain "clicked-in". So depending on what you flew, it didn't sit outside on a rainy night or with another, look-out for the **** cows or loose your blades. :lol::lol::lol: How would you explain those damaged blades to the DOM....that would be interesting conversation nowadays. :lol:

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