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Are Pilots Ever Going To Be Happy

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Well seeing we are getting to that time of year when the ads for work start to flow I am looking for some of the veterans in the Industry (guys in the industry with 20+ years) to stand up and give me some feedback on If they have ever found the grass to be greener with another company.


In the last 4-5 years I have seen many experienced guys in my company slowly get pulled away for promises of better tours, medium time or just more money or just for the fact that they are sick of the "SAME OLD #### SHOW"

In most cases the guys I have talked to seem to come to the same conclusion that the new job isn't quite what they were promised and the new company might not have the same problem as the old company but a whole new set of issues.

And in most cases the guys spend the next 5 years jumping between companies looking for that perfect job.....which I am coming to the conclusion might or might not exist


At what point in your career do you finally decide that you are actually happy where you are at,and the problems and issues you know are better than the new unknown issues you are walking into at a new company


To be honest I was scouring all the job ads last year and sending out resumes. And in most cases was offered jobs within a few days of sending out resumes. Yada Yada in the long run management put in the time to find out what i was missing at my current company and decided to make me a good offer which I was happy with and decided to give them another summer of blood and sweat hahaha. Now at the end of the year I am more than happy with my year and looks like to be a busy winter..... and some very good change in the company to come.



But as always I still find myself always drawn to check aero ads or vertical for that next golden job.........



Is there any real way to be completely happy with your flying job?



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Well Ktownsensation. Its really nothing to be concerned

about! There are many companies( some more dubious than others) hiring Canadian pilots! This is a good thing!


VIH is hiring as well as many others. Don"t get me started on VIH but they do have a very good operational capicity and solid safety record and are a growing company.


Must be doing something right.


Don't know? Maybe go get a ATPL then the world is your oyster!?



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haha as usual Pilot5 i think you are trying to send us back to the old hiring canadians fight..... was just trying to get some feedback from some people who are actually happy with where they have been working lately and get one of these post in this forum from going in the tank


and at this time I am glad I stuck around my current company things are better are looking up but hard times might be in the future of the heli game again if the world can't get there financials in order and get out of all this recession talk

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Hi Ktown,


I started flying in my early 40's after 3 previous careers: 1 of which I drifted out of, another I experienced the Peter principle ("People advance to the level of their incompetence") and the 3rd was a good try but not a good fit. I've worked for 5 helicopter companies in 11 years. I've seen different sides of different fences, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. I've come to believe that the human condition often involves some degree of dis-satisfaction because life is seldom perfect.


My current work situation isn't perfect, but it's good enough. My employer is doing everything they can to make it as good as possible for me, but there is only so much variety in the patch. I make pretty good money, have a pretty good shift, work for and with some pretty good people. Some of the work is awesome and some is pretty boring. If I were to go elsewhere it would be for different scenery and maybe a busier workday. Face it, I get bored easily!


This summer we had some health issues in my family and the company flew me home for 7 weeks off in the middle of the summer. It meant that they parked an A-star for the duration, but they gave me no grief and encouraged me to take off as much time as we needed. For that kind of support I can tolerate some boredom! In this case my colleagues also worked extra hard to pick up the slack. Many "THANKS!!!" to everyone who helped out. That's how my loyalty gets bought.


That's the view from my side of the fence.


Dick Mitten

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I know the company Dick works for. I agree with him, they are the kind of company that makes you feel like family. Plus they go the extra mile as is proven in Dicks case.


Happiness comes from the inside. It's up to you. I have seen pilots so miserable I thought they would soon deep throat a shotgun but over the years they never changed even when they went to different companies. YOU need to find the right place, machine, money that makes you happy.


I remember many moons ago, slapping bugs in Mobil Bistcho and being so happy and thankful that I found a flying job. 20 years later, I have students ask me if I still liked my job and I say no, I LOVE IT!!!!

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FInd the place that feels right, its not all about the money! If your not happy its time to move on!


I believe I'm fortunate enough to have a sweet gig and fly some of the nicest machines out there and work with some good people! No Big Deal. (bold but very true)


A smaller company everyone works well together and very minimal drama. When the grass looks greener on the other side it is .... but whats in the middle...?? when you find the right fit you will know.


like 412driver said 'I LOVE IT"

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