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Helicopter Crash In Florida

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Well as far as I am concerned the Bell 206 has a way more stable and really great auto-rotational qualities like its bigger brother the 204-05-12. If I had a choice to have an engine failure in any helicopter it would be in an older semi ridgid teetering set up. Lots of time and high heavy inertia. :up: Very forgiving compared to todays lighter multi-bladed composite jobbies!


The 206 and its variants are still king when it comes to "oh shiit!"





Well I don't know when is the last time you did an autorotation in a loaded 204 but your reflexes better be as good and fast as your aim not to mention the so revered semi rigid teetering heavy set up.....how many pilots after making a good landing(if you make it back to the ground its good) still lost their life because of the great design of the teetering blade that loves to come visit you to congratulate you, right in the face...oh and don't forget to grease it after cause it came across some moisture.anyways that design is gone for many good reason s......

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thats still preliminary and only one peice of the puzzle. many reasons out there that could put him at that place in time at that very moment



As for those who emailed him, I wonder if his scumbaglawyerass is mounting a personal lawsuit against you as we speak for questioning his obvious expertice in helicopter crashes LOL

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