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Niagara Helicopters


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Guest 47yrLowTimer

The real reason that the greatest majority of this foreign hiring goes on is to save money and have a compliant worker who can not change employers and is willing to stick it out for a year at which point he has had enough sh$% and abuse (and has bagged those precious and coveted turbine hours) and is replaced by another foreigner and the cycle repeats its self.



I know one operator in Fort Nelson that has told me, point blank; he will not hire Canadians for the above reasons.


From what I have heard, the governement is apparently closing the door this year to foreign pilots. Whether that happens or not, remains to be seen.

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What does written and oral skills have to do with being good on a line or flying the dam thing. I guess they want someone that can put more then a log entry in the book?






All the best with any future interviews.



Sorry, can't agree with that one! Someone may write and speak well, but it didn't mean that they aren't a d!ck to the clientele. Give it another try.

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My employer does a lot of work in the energy sector in N. Alberta, where pilot minimums are dictated by the customers' aviation consultant. It's hard to find enough 1000+ hr pilots for the 206s and 1500+ hr drivers for the A*s, so the boss does hire foreigner contract pilots from time to time. The "guest" pilots don't get paid less, but they are keen for longer shifts because they're just here for the summer and want to make as much $$$ & hrs as they can. Some of these folks come back for several seasons. One of them flies tours (among other things) around Mt Cook in a Twin* during his 6 months in Kiwi land.


If you're a pilot with 1000+ hrs total/50 hrs 206 or 1500+ hrs total/50 hrs A*, no accidents/incidents in the last 2 yrs, and want to work for a medium sized, financially secure operation pm me with your name and particulars and I'll pass them on to my chief pilot. I think he's still looking for drivers for this year. You won't be following in the footsteps of Franklin or MacKenzie, but you'll fly good equipment with a great bunch of people.






PS. My employer doesn't have enuf work to bring someone up from 100 hrs. The very best of the low timers who work in our hangar sometimes have the "opportunity" to go fly tours for Kananaskis for a couple of seasons, until they get to around 500 hrs. We almost always have someone clawing their way up from 500 towards 1000 hrs, but that too can take time.

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"But that is all second hand info, I have never worked there, and hope to not have to..."


It's true, but you can add the option not to come in at all (and get no pay) if you get called before 9 am, which is great if you have already turned down other work. If you make it till after 1 pm you get a day's pay, but sometimes you can also sit all day in the crewroom while "someone" flies all day then you don't get the turn time either.



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The company wont change that much as i trained with Rudy at Pan-Air Helicopters in the early 80s.The ops mgr at that time was Murray Cheslock and he was in charge of the Niagra division along with Rudy.Murray is now the ops mgr at HTC and is a wonderful person who knows Rudy very well and will keep the operation running smoothly.Its a good decision as Rudy has done his time and needs a break.Im proud of Rudy and his accomplisments....enjoy the ride.

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Now i see Phoenix is looking for qualified pilots and you don't only have to be able to fly you have to have excellent written and oral skills. What does written and oral skills have to do with being good on a line or flying the dam thing. I guess they want someone that can put more then a log entry in the book? Sounds to me like someone else is setting it up so they can say that low time Canadian pilots don't qualify.


Now that is a bit of a leap. Asking for good written and oral skills eliminates Canadians by default? C'mon.

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