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I say BS on had to hire foreign workers as the market was completely dry. Sure it was Dry of people with over 1,000 hours plus. It is kind of funny how small operators can hire 100 hour wonders and large companies with huge safety and HR departments require 1,000 plus hours and blame it on their insurance companies when really its all about cutting costs and getting better rates from their insurance company. It really comes back to the old saying. I can't get a job cause i don't have any experience. I can't get any experience cause i can't get a job.


Now i see Phoenix is looking for qualified pilots and you don't only have to be able to fly you have to have excellent written and oral skills. What does written and oral skills have to do with being good on a line or flying the dam thing. I guess they want someone that can put more then a log entry in the book? Sounds to me like someone else is setting it up so they can say that low time Canadian pilots don't qualify.

Written skills are something sorely lacking in most pilots as well as math. As for oral skills most pilots have that in spades. These comments are meant toungue in cheek of course.

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