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Aw139 Vs..


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I've never done chest compressions in an AW139, so I cannot comment.

However I have done them in the front seat of a crashed car. Which you might imagine is quite confined.


The interior height being 4.6 feet for the AW139 is far short of 6.6 feet found on the S92 and comparable to 4.5 feet found on the S76. An average ground ambulance runs you in the 72" range and when we're in the back doing compressions to the hospital, there is ample room, and you do not need the full 6' of height.


So I would probably debunk the myth that you can't do them in an AW139 because the ceiling is too low, only agree with the fact it's not an ideal open space with free unobstructed access.

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No there's not enough room.



how low is the stretcher set that is depicted in the "promotional photograph"? is it at the lowest?


because they range from 50cm low to 100cm high on average.


judging from the crouched medics, I don't believe that stretcher is as low as it goes.

and even if it is, I look at the height between the roof and the chest and feel thats workable. Not ideal, but workable.

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