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Blackbcomb Aviation And Bc Liberals

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Vancouver Courier




If you want the Coles notes version



The MacLean's donated 250,000ish to the liberals. That translated into.... $2,000,000 worth of business for Blackcomb Aviation.





The big winner is Heli-jet at 11,000,000....






I just quoted the article. Blame the vancouver Courier for any errors.


That's a pretty good return on their money. It's a better return on their money than the pilot buying a customer lunch and adding a 0.2 to the flight ticket.

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Where were the attacks against Harper? Most comments seem to support him.


Only one author trashed our PM, and his previous comments and negative attitude are well known to the regulars here. Several people 'voted down' these latest remarks.


Even if Harper handed-out $1000 bills to every Canadian, some people would still complain!!

Sadly, many people will also trash the two women that are in charge of BC and Alberta.

I'm not telling you who to vote for.

But please open your mind before opening your mouth, or casting your vote.


Steve and his Blue team in Ottawa will still get lots of support from this audience.


A PM that supports oil/gas/mining and pipelines will always get support from the helicopter community. But none of these projects seem to be on a rape-and-pillage basis. There are still lots of environmentalists, biologists and journalists chartering helicopters too.


Sounds good to me.

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I find it funny how it seems that any of us find it to be any of our business who donated what, how much, or to whomever!! As far as I'm concerned, and quite me on this on "Who cares!". It's called business and politics and no matter how much we *****, they go hand in hand at the upper levels in every one of our companies, no matter who you work for!!

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