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Resetting Cb's & Hac


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Yes. I agree that when a C/B trips in flight, one should avoid resetting it unless it is essential to completing the mission (like your transponder or radio whilst in controlled airspace).


But tell me, what do you do when on final at night and your landing light bulb blows ? :shock:

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I just deleted a post here by one member slagging another. Whether deserved or not, these posts are not tolerated on these forums. We often kid around and needle one another, but obviously some members have a hard time walking that fine line between jest and insult.


Moderate yerselves or you shall be moderated !

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Peeshooter------why do you think that there are so many foreign school teachers, maids, oil rig workers, etc in Saudi Arabia? Two reasons: 1) a whole mess of those jobs are "beneath" them as far as the monied and educated Arabs are concerned and 2) the rest lack the training or education to do same. Where do they go for the oil field fire fighting expertise? Try Saftety Boss out of Red Deer, AB and Haliburton Oil (try their website and check for yourself). Why?......because we and they have the expertise. Do you think they have the expertise, equipment and technical knowledge to get that oil up and into oil carriers? Do you think that they have all kids of oil refineries in the Middle East? Check on how much oil they refine and where they have to send the crude because they don't have the capacity to do so. Keep in mind also that the Saudis (according to OPEC) supply 13% of the word's supply. A full 75% of the oil that the US uses comes from Canada (check it out). Without western technology they're nothing over there in most cases, than a bunch of poor camel drivers that know they got oil, but can't get it up outta the ground. Bush made no friends amongst his so-called oil buddies when he took war into that part of the world. Do some checking on what the insurance is on one of the oil rigs in the Gulf PER DAY....and then check on how much it went up when he started his "shennigans". You gotta get off the "Vive Canadian" website man.


Granted, c/b's don't always perform as they should. I can say most assuredly that in my lifetime in this business, that me and a whole mess of engineers could say the same thing about a whole range of other parts on F/W and R/W. I've had them not "pop" on me also and cause problems. I'm therefore to suggest that ALL c/b's are no good because a small percentage have failed to do their job? If that's the case then I should leave the business because I haven't always performed "up to snuff" and I don't want anyone judging all other pilots by my actions. Ditto for the rest of the parts on my a/c. C/B's or not, machinery and the like has "designed obsolescence" built-into it from the day of manufacture and gets old and/or wears out. That's why we have "trained human beings" called engineers and mechanics to R & R them. The pilots are trained to do certain things and recognize certain warnings and emergencies and they are given idiot lights, c/b's, etc. to guide them. If the warning happens and the pilots do not take heed or ignore it, then the engineer may not get to fix it and the manufacturer should not be blamed if the idiots on the flightdeck ended up causing the a/c to crash. Subsitute the c/b's with anything you desire, BUT if it's going to be ignored when it functions properly, you're back to "square one".


I'll solve the problem with Dupont and Kaptan real quick...... ground all the a/c in N. America that have it. Remember something though.....the fancy new, state-of-art, space-aged wiring that you install and approve today may be found to be wanting also tomorrow. Remember.....it's the world of electronics and something new today is superceded in 6 months by something better and without the same faults. Ditto on wiring. I had a house with aluminum wiring that was all the rage at one time and "man, you just have to have that". Ten years later you aren't allowed to build a home with it and my home was originally built by a "up-on-everything" Bechtel Canada electrical engineer.


C/B's was a "side-track" to the original post and as far as I'm concerned, FREDDIE'S last post says it all.....and I agree sir. I helped in the "side-track" FREDDIE, so sorry bud.


TQN ----- what you got is known as "trash-talk" and pay no attention. With an American mom and a Canadian dad I've heard all the "digs" over the supper table that exist. I also have American and Canadian extended relatives that the whole immediate family consider to be idiots. You don't run away either....you "stand your ground".


Skidz ----- disagree on the "fine line" also. It's either "trash-talk" or it's not...period. There's no such thing as being "half-pregnant". You're trying to be diplomatic and that's nice...but it won't work sir. Allow me to be your first victim if necessary.


Sisyphus ----contact the moderators if you got a problem with a post here.....that's what they are here for and have a section to do that in.


***Also "off-topic", but the tires spoken of were on Ford Explorers and they were Bridgestone....not Firestone. Blame the Japanese .


I've made my points here and now I'm repeating myself, so I'll "take five" and leave the subject alone for a while. :D

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"But tell me, what do you do when on final at night and your landing light bulb blows ? "


this i can answer as it happened on final the other night. we flicked that landing light on and ....ZORCH!! :shock:


here's what you do...........land! :up:

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Now can we reset our outopilot CBs, declare the excercise over, recover to controlled flight and carry on? :up:


I myself have all the CBs super glued closed - all these electrical emergencies are confusing but I got the electrical / cabin fire in flight procedures down cold.

Ah the simple life. Call Mayday, Squawk 7700, activate the ELT - gear welded or selected down - Batteries and Gens Off, Spray some Hallon around the cabin to have something to do on the way down, flare, activate the floaty things if you are not a scuba diver and land. After all there is no emergency that does not end with either Land immediatly - Land as soon as possible or Land as soon as practicable. See 3 choices - no problems there - if the answer is not obvious 2 flips of a coin max. :rolleyes:

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