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Downwash ......didn't know that. Tell him to expect phone call from "older" pilot soon. He'll be doing lots of "DI's" and "100hr" inspections from now on and pulling some "late nighters" for his new "DOM". If I remember corectly, the apprenticeship time is about 1 week or something like that. :lol:


Tell him that with initials like his son will have, I trust that any middle name does not start with the letter "S". :P

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With my whopping 10 hours in a JetRanger I can say I hate low gear. It is nice for the off level areas like Cap says, but that's about it. Heck, an R22's tail rotor is higher than a 206's on low gear. Plus there are the noted cosmetic attributes. Makes the 206 look like a horse who's legs got sawed off at the knee.

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If you are judging the high/low debate with T/R clearance as the deciding factor, yer gonna have an argument with the DOM cause yer gonna put the T/R in the bush while you're on high gear cause yer not thinking about the little bush underneath the T/R (find some "space" for the T/R or don't land).


I've flown both, I'm currently on low (preferred in winter) but I don't have a preference. Fly according to the aircraft configuration at all times.

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There is not much of a difference betwen high gear and low gear for t/r clearance - couple of inches actually for a 206 or a medium. Have two of them side by side in a hanger and u would be suprised. As for the astar - have never seen one on low gear to compare.


212 /204 does not really matter - high or low! U want a 205 on high gear just to keep the oil cooler out of the "pungie sticks"...not an issue being 6' higher on the 212.


U want kick A## T/R clearance on your 206 - just remove the front cross tube spacer blocks - will give an additional 6 to 7 inches on the back. Careful of your loading and aft cyclic limits (you did'nt hear it from me)!




No gear is the fastest. The old go for a circuit while we chance from floats to skids or vic versa...lightening fast!

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Hey VR dude;


That little mod only works after you have touched down. The t/r will be the exact same height as the bear paws touch with or without the blocks in the front. And don't you fly wheels now, so do you like tundra tires or mags or maybe 33 in. mudders? Goofy dingle balls to go with the plastic jesus on the dash?


:up: sc

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I've flown 206's on high and low and was never a noticable difference in speed, but high gear on the 206L lowers your gross weight by 50lbs due to the fact that you are that much higher out of ground effect, according to bell. I'm not sure if the weight restriction is still in effect, because I haven't flown a 206 in years.


Our 407's are on low gear, talking to other 407 operators who fly high gear and as well as Bell test pilots have both confirmed that you will see a noticable difference in airspeed from low gear to high, low gear giving you approximately 10kts to the good.


But yes they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of operation.


We operate our medium on high gear as VR stated mainly for the fact of the oil cooler as well as the type of terrain we fly in.

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I would say the 50 lbs is due to the increase in weight of the skid gear, not the IGE / OGE relation...personally I have never been able to believe that 13" will change your performance charts!!! :blink:



Skully, u r correct - it only makes a difference once u r on the terra firma (and sinking in the snow or skeg!) cyclic position will be further back, but up until that point t/r height is the same - yes!


And DONT be knockin' the plastic Jesus...what eveer it take to keep me in my "happy place" ;)

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