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Contractor Question

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Hey I am new to the contract thing I live in BC work for a Yukon and a BC company so far the BC company has me working in Alberta. Which WCB do I register with? Yukon? BC? Alberta? or All? My company is registered in BC. About how much do you guys pay per year to WCB? Any help with this would be much appreciated, thanks.

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From what I was told years ago.... from WCB "you cannot get WCB coverage as a sole proprietor or contractor". So I negotiaed for the Company I contracted myself to, to pay so I was covered under there coverage. I am pretty sure they have to pay because you are working for them and there premiums are based on what they pay in payroll, management fees, contractor fees etc.


This was years ago mind you.


As an owner of a company we paid roughly about $3 per $1000 of salary, mangement fees, wages etc as a Helicopter charter operator. So if you had ten employees with a total payroll of 1,000,000 you would pay about 30K annually in premiums.


When in doubt call WCB, just use your buddies name.

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I have reviewed the BC Workers' Compensation Act and note the following:


s.51(1) "Where work...is performed under subcontract, both the contractor and the subcontractor are liable for the amount of the assessments in respect of the work; and the assessments may be levied on and collected from either, or partly from each...but..the subcontractor is...primarily liable for the assessments..."


I strongly recommend you ask your employers to pay for you based on your contract pay. Once an written agreement has been reached, you can sleep.


Cheers, Skaf

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You have to pay the WCB fees to each province you work in AB and sask have some sort of agreement. Call them when you start. The best option as stated is to have the company you work for pay the fees as part of your contract. Truck drivers have some sort of thing where they just pay in one province and are covered everywhere the rest of us just get screwed.

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