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Thixosyn (Thixogrease)

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Ive had great luck for the most part using it on tach gen's, mast splines, blade bolts and buffer pads and medium starter splines. However I have notice it doesnt seem to stick around on t/r driveshaft splines very well. I do my splines every 100hrs and there is still some thixo there, but there are signs of corrosion on the splines.

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Thixosyn and Thixogrease are 2 different products.


Thixogrease, Bell consumable C-561 is an alternate for CPC grade 2 and approved in the manuals for use on certain non-moving splines on 206, 407, and 412. Your Bell PSE most likely give your company approval for use on other models in certain areas.


Thixosyn has a wider/lower temperature range than thixogrease and from what I hear is now approved for the lights as a replacement for mobil 28 in certain areas. Approvals for the mediums has not come yet.


It's available from Western Equipment here in western Canada.

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Here is one example from the 407 manuals:


"THIXOGREASE NLGI No 2 (C-561) replaces the Corrosion Preventive Compound

MIL-C-16173 Grade 2 (C-104) at all areas, except on bolts shank, indicated in the

BHT-407-MM-6, Chapter 62 and in to the T.B. 407-99-16 Part II to perform the

installation of the main rotor hub assembly."


As you can see its only approved in certain areas though.


Contact your PSE for specific approvals on other models.

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I just wanted to chime in that many of you guys are talking about two different greases. The regular ThixO #2 grease is an industrial grease and has been approved to use for some time now as a replacement to CPC and is often used on drive splines, blade bolts and all kinds of things. That stuff is awesome and I use it everywhere mentioned above with great results. This is Not the same as ThixO -Syn aviation grease. Bell has just approved the use of ThixO-Syn for the 206 series rotor system bearings where AShell 22 and Mobil 28 are used. ThixO-Syn meets the same Mil spec MIL-PRF-24139 and MIL-PRF 81322 as Mobil 28. Bell has said they will likely have it approved on the medium soon as well. They have recently released a compatibility report on mixing with Mobil 28 requested by Bell. In short the report says there are no compatibility issues when mixing the two greases as in purging the old Mobil 28 out and potentialy leaving up to 10% Moblil 28 left in the bearing. I do not have any experience with ThixO- Syn yet but I am sure it will be superior to the old greases and as soon as I am able to switch our medium fleet I will try to do so. I am going to push to get our 206Ls switched now. Here are some links to the two greases. ThixO-Syn for rotor heads and such. http://www.maryngroup.com/index.php/products-and-services/aviation-grease and ThixO #2 for CPC, drive splines and blade bolts: http://www.maryngroup.com/index.php/product-listings/powerup/item/131-thixogrease . Here is the info on compatibility with Mobil 28 http://www.maryninternational.com/about-maryn/publications/116-publications-a/publications-b/199-qq-f-4-ts-03

I hope that clears some of the confusion between the two.


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