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212/412 Twist Grip Rotational Friction


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Bell has new throttle flex shafts. They are black and have a new fancy space age material!! Can't recall what it is

Not sure if they are available yet but I have seen them at the plant in Montreal.

Permalon is what we use. Inner and outer flex shafts, the 2 shafts in the stick where the pin goes in and I can't remember for sure but the stick itself and grips inside. any area that rubs.

I would have to check the book for sure but this should help

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Thanks for the info - Its plain and simple there is no quick fix.


This job requires use of all BHL pubs from start to finish or take it all apart and start again.


No trial and error - just fix a combination of things for the end result -- 12 lbs pull maybe.


Want a challenge,


Yes bring it on!!~!!!!

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1 disconnect at fcu ,extra spring pressure, isolate the systems

2 check your gear mesh , probably to tight , pilot or copilot side

3 how is the cushion , ladder position

4 any brg's binding

5 when was the last time the colective was apart , crap under the grip


just my 2 cents


PS checked the 212 here and other then spring pressure from the fcu there is no friction

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