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Touring Pilot Wows

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Touring Pilot travel wows....




Here's one for all you touring boyos/girlies out there. Screwed constantly by the airlines going to and from work?...Yep we are constantly. Turn up at St johns airport going to work.....oh my God you checking 3xbags.....urrr yes ma'aam ya know me I do it once a month... that will be $150 charge, me roll eyes give company credit card and don't really give a ####, but pretend to listen to the one bag rule lecture.....winter gear, flight gear sleeping bag x1...not a tourist, work gear......I might as well be talking gibberish, cos no notice taken by said A/C chick. Well sir has to go oversize, ok ma'aam no problem. Security, OMG a helmet in the bag, turn bags out sir......why you have a helmet....cos I need it for work...what kinda work says the nazi....told ya last month says I...and on it goes......Read the airline boys forum on Pprune, just the same for them.


Coming home after tour, Blah..... even F###ing worse. This trip, spent 78hrs trying to travel domestic Canada with Air Canada, F####ing nightmare. No explanation why flights are 2-3 hrs late and oh blimey, missed my connection, oh well sir....not our problem and on it goes....Is it just me, no, I know it isn't cos met one of our engineers going north in Toronto tonite, felt same as me. Dudes, don't know bout you guys, but I'm knackered when I get to work, after a 6 week tour, dead on my feet after the travel and airline/security ****.... What to do chaps....bugger all no doubt, and carry on private.... Oh and don't even get me started on the lousy per diem to put up with this.....

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My biggest fear is having the airline lose my work gear, so I bring the really important stuff as carry-on. This includes my helmet, flight suit, charts, GPS, computer, flight ticket books, important documents, and stuff like that. I travel in my work clothes, wearing my work boots. If my checked luggage gets lost I can buy, beg, or borrow enough other stuff to get by.


I check 2 pieces of luggage at around 50 lbs each in the winter, including insulated coveralls, winter boots, sleeping bag (year round) and a decent tool kit. I'm lucky to be one of those people who can by for a month with a couple of changes of clothes, extra socks and undies, and regular trips to the "laundry facilities", whatever they may be.


In the summer I've got an inflatable life-vest in one of my checked bags, and I always take that bag to the oversized baggage screening myself. The CO cartridge in the vest seems to cause them some grief.


Newfie, sounds like you've got a sh!tty commute. That sucks!! Hope you find a way to smooth things out...



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Well I am a touring pilot 6 and 6 and can't say I have the same problem...


Arrive at Montreal Trudeau... Check bags in with KLM... Ticket agent says good day... I can see that you are a Flying Blue Silver member sir... Today is your lucky day we have 2 spots open is business class and I am going to upgrade you... I say great and thanks.. Once on board the flight takes off on time direct to Amsterdam... After having enjoyed a comfortable 7 hours flight reclined watching movies that are even out on PPV in Canada yet.when I get home . Its off to the Airport Bar for a cold Hieneken while I wait for my connexion into final destination and strike up conversation with all kinds of interesting people from all over the world....Failing that there is also the Flying blue Silver- Gold waiting area..... ;)


Upon arrival after another "on time" departure with bags checked straight through arrive at final destination get picked up by company driver who carries all my bags to my room at the 4 star hotel overlooking the a splendid vista and 28oc. :up:


Maybe you should look for another touring position.



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