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Woa! P5, you sound like a Eurocopter pilot!

Is there any openings?



Unfortunately not at the moment... But PM me and Ill see what I can do..


Will say working on the European- International circuit is a whole lot different than working as a pilot in Canada... Not to knock the VFR industry but the standards are let's just say just a tad bit more gentlemanly in all aspects from dealing with CPs and Ops especially . Glad I'm here and made the move... Not to be degrading but dealing with the truck-driver mentality for me is a thing of the past thank god!! Took me 10 years to find my place but glad i did... Non of the same problems have resurfaced.. Great bunch of gents without the same old boring "i disagree with you" therefore bad attitude or profoundly intellectually deficient or dishonest arguments..


P5 :)

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Well I am a touring pilot 6 and 6 and can't say I have the same problem...


Arrive at Montreal Trudeau... Check bags in with KLM... Ticket agent says good day... I can see that you are a Flying Blue Silver member sir... Today is your lucky day we have 2 spots open is business class and I am going to upgrade you... I say great and thanks.. Once on board the flight takes off on time direct to Amsterdam... After having enjoyed a comfortable 7 hours flight reclined watching movies that are even out on PPV in Canada yet.when I get home . Its off to the Airport Bar for a cold Hieneken while I wait for my connexion into final destination and strike up conversation with all kinds of interesting people from all over the world....Failing that there is also the Flying blue Silver- Gold waiting area..... ;)


Upon arrival after another "on time" departure with bags checked straight through arrive at final destination get picked up by company driver who carries all my bags to my room at the 4 star hotel overlooking the a splendid vista and 28oc. :up:


Maybe you should look for another touring position.




I wonder who the frikking moron was that gave this post a negative. Good post P5, reminds me of my days in West Africa. Never had any problems with airlines. The key is BE NICE to the counter staff.

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In the winter I go to the same site, so can leave my gear there,which limits hassle, but have to bring food, which increases the hassle... lose/lose situation there.


THe past summer, I got to the west jet counter and the girl recognized me, and said, "Hey, you travel so much, I'll give you your extra bag free this time" and it was overweight to boot.


I second the "be nice to the counter staff" and they'll make your pains less so.


Never had any troubles with the security nazi's, I guess I just put on a smile, and they seem to not worry too much. But did have a stabler that caused grief for a couple of trips, until I put it into the main luggage.


Traveling sucks, particularily with lotsa bags, but gotta say the car rides are worse than the flights.




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