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Refueling Pump Filters

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Interesting anecdotes skully. I'm sure the setup you have now works good and we all have learnt from our mistakes, we should always check the fuel before pumping. The one drum of fuel that I have seen 1/3rd of water was sealed and was not checked before pumping, the velcon blocked solid and allowed NO water into the helicopter, the pilot thought the pump was broken, had he looked in the drum or used paste it would have been caught. Regardless of the type you use, the manufacturer's recommendations should always be followed, as said, the FSII will jacket the water molecules, and allow them to pass, make sure the filter is compatible with not only FSII but Jet fuel too. Also stated was the input pressure/flow, make sure the filter is suitable for the type of pump.


The nice thing I prefer with the spin on is the compact size and durability, having a clear plastic bowl being slugged around in the field can lead to cracks and leaks and an unserviceable pump. I still check every drum with a light and even open up both bungs for a better look

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Is this what you guys mean by Velcon "spin on type"?




So you use this after a Wix filter? Does anyone use the water absorbing Wix filters like this:



We have these filter bowls but just use the regular filter. Was wondering how the water absorbing type would work out.




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