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2012 Bcfs/Asrd Contracts?

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I was just curious if anyone has any good information on who won... or even who bid on the upcoming BCFS (or what ever they call themselves these days) medium contracts? Rap and Bucket Ship?


Are Alpine's contracts also up in Alberta with their Rap program?


Thanks folks... Play safe



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Some hourly and day rates from Alberta 13TDR001 Bidders List


Airspan - $1775/hr. - $4175/day

Ascent - $2100/hr. - $5154/day

Bailey - $2800/hr. - $9520/day

Campbell - $1485/hr. - $3640/day

Gemini - $997/hr. - $6297/day

Great Slave - $1210/hr. - $3695/day

Heli Lift Intl. - $1545/hr. - $4950/day

Mustang - $1025/hr. - $3950/day

Sequoia - $1700/hr. - $5250/day

Tasman - $1550/hr. - $5450/day

Valhalla - $1850/hr. - $5550/day

VIH - $1686/hr. - $4134/day


5 year contracts awarded to Mustang and Great Slave.

Rates in 2016 are: Mustang - $1109/hr. - $4270/day – GSH - $1384/hr. - $4062/day.


Congratulations. These are excellent AS350B rates......er.... wait a sec!!!

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

Based on a 4 hour day GSH will be getting $2133/hr and Mustang will be getting $2012/hr,

a 6 hour day GSH will be getting $1825/hr and Mustang will be getting $1683/hr.


Maybe i have this rate schedule figured out wrong and someone can correct me?


It gets worse as the hours get higher. If i was the owner i would hope that it was a monsoon for the next 5 years and they didn't fly much cause on a busy fire season they are going to be making much.


Hopefully they don't have to hand out many of those $5000 bonuses for engineers...i'm no mathematician but i dont see much money left on the table at the end of the day?

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