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B2 Or B3

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002 AS350 B3 Available For Sale


1,480 hrs. Dual: flight controls/windshield wiper,

cockpit defogger and heater, DART step L/R, sliding

left door, cargo sling assy., etc... contact for more



Contact: Shin Kato

Email: kato@noevirinternational.com Telephone: 201-391-0001

Fax: 201-391-1740 Address: 200 W. Grand Ave.

Montvale NJ

United States 07645

Date Ad placed: 07/21/2004 31487


2000 Eurocopter AS 350B3 Ecureuil, 152TT


2000 EUROCOPTER AS 350B3 Ecureuil, 152TT, Always

Hangared, Corporate History, Air Conditioner, 5 Pax

Interior, CD Stereo, High Skids, LH Sliding Door,

Cargo Swing, External Mirror & More! Call or email

Steve at Century Acquisitions, Ltd. or see it online

at www.helicopterdirect.com. "WE MAKE THE DEAL FLY!"



Contact: Steve Gerlinger

Email: info@helicopterdirect.com Telephone: +1-512-692-9159

Fax: +1-512-692-9158 Address: 504 Innwood Drive

Georgetown TX

United States 78628-7606

Date Ad placed: 01/18/2004 29982





Found on www.aeroads.ca

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You snooze, buddy, you loose. :blink: I was wondering why we didn't get your $0.02 added in to stir the pot.


This forum has been so quiet and polite lately, I may have to revive an old topic or two to liven things up.


Hmmm, will it be 407 tailbooms, Astar Hydraulics, or perhaps that age old favorite...Longline Vs belly Hooking buckets. That was a good one !


Hey Jetbox, why don't you choose one :D

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longline's VS bellie's...now there's a good one eh :wacko: !!!



I would think that one would have to consider a B3 over a B2 only if a lot of slinging was involved.


If the majority of work involved "internal" then one would think that the B2 is a better bang for the buck no?



...but what do I know - I put my bucket on the end of a longline all the time... :P

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B) Actually heli-logged with a B2 for about a year, left seat version to boot. Loved it....would put it up against a Lama to about 5,000'. Did find though that a line shorter that 150' started to get more difficult to see.......the cycle count for the amount of turns /hr also was a concern. :)
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