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B2 Or B3

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:) You bet....Barriere, B.C to be exact. It was a brand new b2 I picked up in Fort Erie in 98. The company that purchased it did not obtain the contract they were trying for and the machine became available. I was logging on a Lama at that time and decided to try the B2 as we were short of a/c. I was impressed to say the least. It matched the Lama with a 1850 lb/turn average up to 5,000'. And was actually a little faster on the more horizontal fly's. I did about 750 hours in it, with absolutely no problems. The lodgepole pine and fir was fairly small in size so yes....intermediates do log. Actually a 407 did try a program down the road from us, but it was rather unsuccessful, more do to the fact that it was lack of logging experience, rather than the equipment....Cheers, H56 :)
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If the US machine was anywhere near the coast,pray it was soaked in acf 50 ,because in the 3 weeks ours was there,in that sweaty temps at night,every bit of bare metal on that B2 showed corrosion,ask Joey Nichols about what he sees in the ships he has looked at from the states.....or buy one from Benoit,,I hear he gets them for 900 K new..

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