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That's what I thought, Phil.


Many of us on this continent, however, feel that ICAO, despite all it's good, is taking on too much of a 'UN persona' for the overall good of the industry. Isn't the mantra, "If it's American, it can't be good?"


Also, if you read my post, you'd have seen that TC have, indeed, defined the 'built-up area,' questionable though the definition may be. The more lawyers and politicos involved in it, the worse it will be - guaranteed.

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Well I tend to agree if you consider the US contribution to the ICAO budget! having worked directly with ICAO TCB back in the early 90's these definitions are designed with US standards in mind then are miraculously supposed to be considered over the broader spectrum including lesser developed nation states. This is were the French an and such firms like Bureau Veritas tried to seize the regulatory consultancy market! But what do I know ? P5

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