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406 Elt Which Brand To Buy

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Time to upgrade another ELT.

Looking for some feedback as to which manufacturer you folks would recommend.

We are not having much luck on the annual from our Kannad 406AF-H, $300+ to fix it the last time.

Understand there are issues with Kannad placement in the Bell206. Comments ...

Thinking the Artex ME406HM may be a better choice.


Appreciate any and all Feedback.



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I am not an electronics guy but I understand that there are a few different kinds of ELT's out there, i just wanted to touch on the subject of interchangeability. If anyone has any information that is contrary to what i am trying to explain please enlighten...


One of the differences is that one kind has a card in it (that card, not the ELT is registered to a specific aircraft) that can be pulled out of one ELT and put into another ELT and that new (perhaps certified or serviceable) ELT can then be installed in the aircraft the old one was taken out of, there by keeping the machine in service. (no down time) The other type has no card and can only be reinstalled in the aircraft that it was taken out of and you have to wait for it to come back or perhaps re-register another ELT and put it in the machine that had its ELT removed, a somewhat less convenient option.


I have heard much frustrated conversation (and a bit of cursing) about those types of ELT's that don't have the interchangeable cards.

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I have found the artex to be reliable and sturdy, has the capability to interface with GPS but you get what you pay for. The Kanad's are cheap but have a tendency to lose battery power and give trouble codes. One thing i have heard about these new elt's is that if you are testing it more than monthly, your batteries won't make the replacement life. If i were you, I would definitely talk to a spark farmer about it. Each 406 is programmed with specific a/c info but can be easily reprogrammed by a shop with the capabilities. You are still allowed to remove the unit from the a/c for 30 days without a replacement so interchangeability shouldn't be too much of an issue. Obviously you don't want to be operating in the fringes without some type of safety net though.

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