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Satellite Tracking

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Chevy II -----------and here I thought that just maybe you were going to help me solve that problem. Nice guy you are, "leading-me on" like that. They got a name for a woman when she does that you know. :P:D


Seriously, how about another question? You said that the moving map was based on the 1:50,000 maps..........can it handle any of the others scale-wise?

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Cap, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't, other than availability of these maps being offered in a digital version. I've tried to get my hands on VNC's but I'm told that knowone has gone to the effort of digitizing them yet.


Another limiting factor I could see is storage of these files once digitized. The files, due to the detail of the maps are rather large once converted to digital. The tablet pc (HP) that I'm using now is far from being "full" now but...


And of course cost $$$. Everyones always trying to screw ya for your last dollar!!!

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Chevy II ----Thanks again for the input. I can tell by your last statement that you've already filed last year's Income Tax Report. You work "your little tushy off" again this year because they need those dollars coming into Ottawa and I want to see you "hold up your end of the stick". :lol:

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The weight on this unit without batteries (2 AA) would be about 650 grams, and cost would be under 2000 Cdn.


They should be available within the next couple of weeks, I will keep everyone posted.


Thanks again for all the great input guys and gals I will try and post some pic's of the unit when I figure out how to do it.




DTII we're still waiting....


as for the batteries: 2 AA doesn't sound like a whole lot of transmitting with a satellite phone...

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For all you operators going to sattelite "iridium" phones and tracking systems.


As you are aware the present 121.5 system "ELT" will be decommisioned Jan 2009.


I beleive TC is leaning towards the 9505A Sat phone which provide communications and tracking via GPS.


I am not going to get into a long discussion about the system. This system is portable and provides complete voice or data communucations.


The company is owned by Bell Canada and is situtated in BC.


Go to WWW.infosat.com/skytracker and see for yourself.


From a safety point of vue, you can't beat it.


Cheers, Don

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