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Peeshooter Is Slagging

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Maybe not for much longer on Just Helicopters either?



Date: January 20, 2005 at 06:11:16


Subject: TO Blackops


I am not sure who you are or what your intent, and I am only basing this post on what I just read below.


If it is true that you have been causing a problem on another site and would like to bring it here, I strongly suggest that you respect my request to reconsider. I will check with the other site moderator and get the scoop. I respectfully request that you not become a nuisance in this forum, as your efforts will be wasted.


It is not my intent to offend you, so if I have mistakenly perceived your intentions, my apologies in advance. If you have a message, comment, or gripe, share it and discuss it, then move on. I would just prefer that you not come in and hit the same hornets nest every single day, just to get everyone pissed off.




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why bother, plan aggressively for more important and interesting issues than crap.


grasp, entertain, and go with certainty the direction with which will bring you honor and friggin valor. After all you are a helicopter pilot with balls and regardless of gender will prevail if you do not bend like the willow in the wind.



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anybody out there have any idea why i would be starting my day with this threatening pm????...


someone apparently has me confused with "blackops"???? (for the record, i only participate in caaviation forums... where the ****'s a keyboard cop when ya need him!!??)



Blackops Apologize Jerk, Today, 08:13 AM






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You have 24 hrs to publicly apologize for the statements you posted concerning me or you shall be flogged.


Don't apologize and see what happens.



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