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As far as I know I'm the only member here's who's gone through the training at Coast Helicopter College, though I know at least one visits and reads here. And a fair number of people have training with Bob back in his VIH days.


The number of students varies from term to term. In my class there was four of us, which was great. At the moment there are 6, but 2 are doing fixed wing conversions and will finish before the others.

The helicopters used are the R-22, and he steals JetRangers from VIH when needed. You can go either way and do the whole course in the R-22, or do 90 hours in it, and 10 in the JetRanger.

You do get a fair amount of flying time with Bob, which is awesome. Until now he'd been the only instructor, but has taken on a second last fall. I'm reluctant to give his name as I haven't asked his permission to throw it on the net, so let's call him "McFly". I can tell you he is a former Chief Pilot for AES in Alberta, has roughly 8000 hours and is also very skilled as a pilot and instructor. I had a great experience learning from both.


Of course my opinion is totally biased. I'm sure there are many here who know Bob Riemer and can tell you about him. I'm bet too that many see thru "McFly's" alias and can tell you about him also.


Any other info feel free to ask.



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Hi People,

I'm new here and would like to get a real insight into helicopter training.


I am due to start my commercial course in a couple of weeks at BC Helicopters in Abbotsford using the Schweizer 300CB.


A couple of questions, firstly how does the school fair and how hard is the helicopter commercial course generally?


Thanks! :

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