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Avalanche Claims One

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2 buried, one fatality, 15 Km east of YRV, US resident.


Not good.


Most Heli and Cat Ski areas, and most back-country Lodges are parked...sitting by the fireplaces, flyable or not....too dangerous to set foot in the mountains.


Stick, a "lodge you know well" had a partial burial that same day as the Selkirk incident, they then pulled all groups back to the Lodge sit it out...can't even drive out as Highway 23 is still closed !

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Thanks 407D, just got off the phone with the "Big Guy"

Tropical "Sucker Punch" brought this one right from the back porch. If this keeps up it will be a whole lot easier to skate to work rather than Fly or Drive.


By the way, did you happen to notice the Astar with the "Super Chicken" on the side yesterday. Freezing rain, Fog and all. Must be a new "Heavy Lift" Ba in order to get those big balls off the ground.


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Hey Sticky fingers things are grim up here we had a ton of snow and now everything is falling apart we were out yesterday morning for one run and the Big Cheese (Thia) wanted to come back to the lodge for clean shorts and stay home and Craig introduced his manly hood to a warm pitot tube while cleaning my windows. :shock:

Today things are not much better, actually worse.

To scary to be out there flying or skiing.

Chat with you later.

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