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Maybe Discovery AIr is buying into a new province so they can borrow money from a different provincial government.

NAS is a great company.Hope it stays that way.



They can say what they want in their news releases. This will not remain the same company. It may in name for awhile but it won't be long before it gets swept up in the politics of DA/ GSH. If they don't eliminate top management etc the share holders will scream. Don't get me wrong i am not saying anything bad about the management at NAS i think they are all great people. I just can't see DA/ GSH allowing this to run as a sole entity and paying for a President/ Manager, Chief pilot, Director of maintenance on and on when they already have this infostructure in place. Face it this company will be done by year end.

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Bonus for engineers! There are a whole lot less of them than pilots! That's for sure! Probably strings attached as well you can bet on it! Most times those strings are about as palatable as swigging a shot of MEK!

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