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Type Ratings And Currency

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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone can help. I'm a Canadian resident, but haven't flown there for about 7 years. I'm coming up there shortly and want to put my various assorted ratings on my Canadian licence. Is there a time limit from type last flown in order to have it current like in the UK?

Thanks in advance

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sandy helmet -----it used to be 2 years and then you did the check-ride. After 5 years you did the exam and the check-ride. It's been a while now, so don't rely too much on what I just stated, There was an uproar some years ago over this because initially they ventured into the "stupid zone" with the regulation. They did that by requiring, for example, a pilot with 8-9000hrs DHC time to do the whole thing over again and that was patently stupid. If someone with that amount of time, built-up over many years and leaves the a/c for 5 years, just what is being proven to make him go all the way back to "square-one" again? Many others thought the same way and there was an uproar over similiar situations as stated. I forget as to how they resolved it and don't know what accomodation they came to. Suggest you make contact with MOT through their website perhaps.

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