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Just to clarify, there's no bitchin on the pilot, he certainly knew very well the terrain has i have mentioned on the post. Just curious to hear from others on different situation manner..


Friends of mine and many others have seen worst than that on big fires..


I wouldn't be very comfortable flying in that kind of soup, nor appreciate this kind of ops either, as my level of experience would make it a nightmare for me and the pax.


One thing a would appreciate tho is the training in this kind of low viz cond with a much experience guy than me..


tha zall !



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CARs 602.115 "d) where the aircraft is a helicopter and is operated at less than 1,000 feet AGL   (i) during the day, flight visibility is not less than one mile, except if otherwise authorized in

1/2 mile? Doesn't look like a control zone to me. Maybe a good lawyer would see that as clear of clouds and 1 mile vis. No doubt the camera angle doesn't show the big picture. Guess that is what t

If you have an Ops Spec,that allows it in your Op Certificate. You can fly in uncontrolled airspace below 1000' with 1/2 mile vis. If the pilot has 500hrs Pic, and has had low vis training, and a PDM



Flying in weather depicted in the vid is pretty normal stuff, that isn't to say that a person can't say no %$#@*&@ way am i going to fly in that! That kind of reaction is healthy and will keep you alive. Making the decision to fly in marginal weather in mountains comes with experience, there will be a day when it's just another flight to you. There isn't a mountain pilot alive that can't tell you some stories of close calls and most have a few encounters that still give them a cold shiver.



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