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Bonus For New Hires


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Sorry you didn't see some of the humour in my post. On reflection it was pretty sharp.


But my point remains the same....

Some guys are getting very upset here about something that is now a part of our industry.

That is, more money.

This money is in the form of a signing bonus.

And there will be more types of 'incentives' to come.


It's true we have some HR problems in our industry. They are still there and haven't changed.

That's a pity.

I agree it would be nice if the operators fixed the deterrents in our work, rather than just toss out more money to soothe the hurting. But that is not happening.


Last month I was asked to work a few of my days-off. I agreed, and got paid for it.

Last week, I got a surprise....a "bonus" in my pay-envelope in thanks for my extra efforts.


It's cash, payola, a handout, a carrot on a stick, a gratuity, a bonus, call it what you like.

$$$$$$ Get used to it. $$$$$$$ Enjoy. $$$$$$$ It's here to stay.

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AR and OT both good arguments but is it all about the money ???


One company out there is having to offer bonus's to attract employees. This raises a couple questions... first is the bonus tax-free? second why do they need to offer a bonus in the first place?

Obviously these people are looking to make some money initially and the "signing bonus" attracts them...


Then theres the other side of the coin..

One company having there employees pay them a "signing bonus" for there initial employment (just couldn't resist it is that time of year!) This also raises a couple question... who in there right mind would do that? and why are there people actually doing that?

Obviosly these people aren't too worried about the money initially and that attracts them...


oh well this should de-rail this thread pretty quick :lol:

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let me ask you guys this...are you currently looking for work? are you short on cash?


if you can't ask yes to either one or both, why are you even discussing the topic? Is it out of jealousy that someone might get a wad of cash literally for nothing other than signing up and you missed out yourself?

Its a tactic used in alot more industry than aviation. Open your eyes and look around.


Sometimes the signing bonus leads to a period of time with zero raises. so in effect the "bonus" is really an advance on your paycheck. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if these new employees find that out the hard way.


My place of employment is currently looking to add another employee, and yes I'd be pissed if they offered a signing bonus, and gave me nothing in return for the years of service I have given. I would also be pissed if he gets a substantial hourly compared to mine for less experience.

But my supervisor is on my side and will go toe to toe with management for an equal slice of the pie. He understands. He's one of the good guys.

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I would be taking that contract to a lawyer for a read over just incase this one time in the history a helicopter company tried to pull one over on a fella.


My friends don't believe me when I say how bad things are in this industry (Pay,treatment, How management thinks its a priviledge to work for them, etc.)I myself will be thinking long and hard this year if I even want to continue on after only 10 years.


Good thing I have a few things I can fall back on, I feel for those who don't.


Have a safe season guys and girls.

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Rather then offering a Hiring bonus and stealing employees from companies that employed them all winter. Maybe they should just keep their employees employed year round. Not sure what happened last fall but i believe the year before they laid a pile of people off in the fall so they didn't nave the overhead.


As i said in an earlier post this will not be good for the industry. Companies will start asking for training bonds etc when they send people out on courses or give them endorsements. Just look what is happening in the fixed wing industry. The Bonds are there not just because companies treat employees like #### like some want to believe. The Bonds are mainly there because after companies invest in upgrades and endorsements people jump ship because the company that didn't have to pay for these things offer more money. This is no different then some company keeping people on all winter so they have them in the summer to find that companies like this hang a $5,000.00 bond to steal their employees. Unfortunately some company just spend $20,000.00 in wages to keep some AME around for the last 5 months with little to no revenue in hopes they will be there for them this summer.

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It's great, as long as they actually pay it, and don't find some fine print to excuse it.,


I see it the same as auto-relight, it's just more money in our pockets, turn it down if you don't like it. They are not steeling anybody, people that leave other companies, well that is their choice, maybe those companies that abused them all winter manipulating them into thinking there is no work else where should have treated them better, then they would have stayed.


I remember when the recession started, the company I was working for layed everybody off, kept 3 pilots for 6 machines. We worked 8 days a week trying to keep all 6 machines working, getting home late and leaving early in the morning. Did we ever get a thanks...nope all we got was reminded how lucky we are to be working through the winter. Never mind the fact that we bent over backwards keeping the company going through lean times. Non of us work there anymore...thanks for the winter work assh*le. I would have loved to see a bonus at that time. would have been all over it.


Bunch a drama queens, first it is not enough money and then it is too much..WTF? Talking about endorsements, it is simple, tell them if you want me to fly it, then endorse me on it. It is only you guys that chase carrots around that will get caught up in endorsements for payment.

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