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Sorry to say this but its only a matter of time. In the fixed wing industry they call it training bonds. With things like signing bonus this will have people jumping ship on companies that just put mo

Really? I see plenty of bitching on some of the fixed wing forums. Apparently everything is getting outsourced, the pay is crap, the rotations are crap, the hours are crap, the planes are crap, the co

We the employees are our own worst enemy when it comes to getting fair pay for our work. We stab each other in the back, everything from giving the dispatcher a "bottle" to keep others flying the job

I've heard that the signing bonus is not only for the engineer hired, but also for the person who convinced the new hire to apply. Who can argue with a couple extra grand in the bank for getting a buddy to work with you? It's a win-win.




as much as i agree that a company should do what it can to attract new staff.. sometimes i wonder how the staff that have been there for a number of years feel.


if everyone has the same type of year. then the new hire makes $5000 more than someone that is an employee..

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