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Peter passed away in Nov 2002


He left behind in his writings a great historical referrence on aviation

in B.C.


One of his last books, a collaboration with Bruce McAllister on the building

of the Alaska highway and the role aviation played is an outstanding piece

for every coffee table.


Wings over the Alaska Highway......... check it out history buffs.


LL Slave.... thnx for the reminder that i have Skydancing on my shelf

somewhere, i think i'll reread the exploits of the ex Alpine / Okie driver.




Fly safe

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Ya Wings Over Alaska Highway Ive read that one as well, some amazing pics in that book, really great stuff. I hope Mike "I think his name is" finishes his book soon so I can read that one. I met this Mike on fires last year and he's writing a book alog the same lines as Ten Thousand Hours I cant wait

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Don't know if it's still in print, but there's also an excellent book by Charlie Weir, who flew for many years in AB on R/W and is an entertaining read. I knew Charlie and had worked with him also, but I'll be damned if I can remember the title. It's time-frame is also about the early days and Charlie's career ended about the early 70's.

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More on Okanagan by Peter Corley Smith





And here's all the reading you could shake an eyeball at The Bell 47 Library:




(Books, articles, pilot reports...even a Kids' Corner. That's where you'll find me :)


And they show a book entitled, The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft (Donald, David, Editor. 1997. New York: Orbus Publishing/Aerospace Publishing/Barnes & Noble. 928pages) Check that page count. Wonder what something like that would cost? Wonder what the postage to ship a book that heavy would be? Wonder, wonder, wonder...

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Pedal Jam ------thanks for the help with my "wandering Alzeimers". That day will come to you too by the way.....just wait. :lol: I got the book from Charlie himself, read it, but loaned it out years ago and forgot to who and eventually forgot the title. How's that on "forgetting"? :lol:

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Yeah, we lost another good one with Peter. I flew with him at VIH for a few years in the last half of the sixties, when we both worked for Alf. Carl would visit occasionally, as he was on the VIH board back then, along with Bill Boeing Jr.


Peter passed on loads of good lore beside the fire at night when we worked Alice Arm and the Stikine country together with Dan Dunn on Alf's 47's. I know he thought of me as a bit of a 'hot dog.' I was a 'get the job done at any cost' type back in those days. I only wish he'd understood how much I respected him.


And LL slave, I think you're probably talking about Mike Bellamy (who'd have finished his book long ago if he'd spent less time talking) who, I believe, still hangs his hat at Remote Helicopters in Slave Lake.

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