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Digital Flight Tickets/ Reports

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I don't work for great slave but I've worked right beside them, for the same customer, and i get complaints every day about my 5 page thick ticket book. and how great the digital copies are.

personal I think we should all be going to the digital one's. they are great. well done, to who ever made it. Now start selling it to the other operates.

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I recall a couple years ago, when Trinity launched, part of their pitch was that they had an all-electronic ticketing and billing system. An outfit called 4 square was behind the system. Can't seem to find any info on them though...


I agree that we are far behind the times with our 5-copy ticket books and having to take pictures of the tickets every day and then transcribe the info into the weekly and then do the flight duty and the personal logbook and the journey log. And then someone back at the office re-copies everything once again into the maintenance control system and into the accounting system and and and.....


One company I worked at recently had a book for expenses, another book for weekly reports, and of course the flight ticket books. You always leave the shop with at least two full flight ticket books, plus the one you've already started on the last tour, plus the other two books. Then you get to the airport and pay excess baggage fees for all of this paperwork...


Well, that was my rant for the day... :-)

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Lee Johnson, who was at FourSquare previously, is the founder of FlightOffice. He's a Canadian Commercial helicopter pilot (worked among others for Ornge). You might want to get in touch with him. He's living in Vancouver last I heard. I know he occasionally lurks around these parts too... ;)


The in-house system at GSH is very good. It has its glitches, but it's a lot more convenient than the old ticket books. Once I submit a ticket, I don't have to worry about it anymore. Just have to remember to get the customer to sign the **** things... D-OH ! :lol:

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