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I work there as well, they keep me busy and pay well, management is reasonable. maybe they are loosing money by undercutting rates but I dont think so. There is a good bunch of guys, pilots and engineers that I work with, therefore no complaints. I know there was a lot of changes when J F took the helm and a lot af guys left because of him and thanks to that I now have a unending supply of good flying. Thank's

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I read you loud and clear 407D!!!

Sorry Jet B, I haven't had the "pleasure", if you will, to work for Mustang but I have to say that I don't buy this "we give better service" crap, if the employee turnaround is what it is.

There's no way a large operator (20+ a/c) can give better service than a <20 a/c company, with the exception of Alpine and Great Slave Helicopters.

Good service in this business has everything to do with crew/customer relations. In Alpine's case, they have one of the most stable and long term group of employees I've ever heard of.

As far as Great Slave is concerned, they have a higher turnaround than Alpine but they are the only northern based operator in the Territories and so they are best positioned to keep a handle on what's going on up there. Plus Adam and the boys are just a hoot to work for! B)


Otherwise, large operators are traditionally plagued with the old "us against them" syndrome between employees and management. In the case of companies like Mustang and others, its impossible for management to keep close tabs on every crew in the field so they are almost entirely at the mercy of the crews, specially the pilots. If an operator has a high turnaround, it means the crew morale is not the greatest which in turn gets reflected on the customer. Not to mention the fact that if you're constantly replacing your employees, you're bound to end up hiring a few fu**ups along the way. (except for Peeshooter/Bleedvalve/Leadingedge of course, no one will touch him!! :lol: ) ( sorry, I just had to throw that in there! B) )


Small operators that treat their employees well are in a much better position to give the "better service" you speak of because they can easily keep up with the goings on in the field.

How often have you heard customers complain that they never see the same pilot twice and they constantly have to "re-train/re/familiarize the new guy" ?


Like I said, large operators like CHL and others are the best competition we could ever ask for, even if they have to low ball to get the work because in the end, the customers that are worth working for are the customers that see right through the marketing guys bullsh*t and understand that they get what they pay for!

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One exception to my last post:


Some large operators who have permanent bases in remote areas can do well at those location for the same reasons noted in my previous post. Those bases tend to have long term emplyees that in turn can develop a good relationship with local customers.

Then again, if the base manager happens to be an idiot, then the opposite happens! B)

I've seen it go both ways, it can be pretty entertaining at times!! :up:

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

It just doesn't end does it. When are you guys going to give up on this fixation with Mustang and Airborne?Are you so bored or unemployed that this is all you can come up with.You really can only beat a dead horse for so long.


"Mustang's rates are so low that every hour they fly they loose $100. Somethings gotta give"


Making a statement like this you must have some intimate knowledge of the finances of Mustang?I work there and don't even know how well we do.For someone not in the financial department that is sure someting to say.


I know a few of you will say "don't get your panties in a bunch" but enough is enough you guys, let it go.



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I know Richard Morin very well and I assume you don't like him much. That's fine, to each his own! :)

I can tell you that once you get to know Richard, he's a very nice guy. Communication however is not one of his strength and that's why a lot of people mistaken that as him being stuck up of just a plain jerk. Nothing could be further from the truth!!

He is however the smartest marketing guy I've ever met (maybe because he's an engineer!) and he is the only reason Abitibi Helicopters were able to crack open the western market in the early 90's (not withstanding dumping the rates of course!)

Personally, I like the guy but we're all entitled to our opinion!


p.s. Rosco knows him and the Red & White very well also!! B)


p.p.s. Does dog hair on the back seat of a company truck ring a bell Roscoe??! :shock:

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Angry Egg Driver, keep your head up like your doing and drive on. Your company like all others has its good points and its bad ones, and people shouldn't be slagging you guys at mustang the way they are, but thats the nature of people in this business. Even the Empire (alpine) has there stable full of goofy personnel and has had there fair share of accidents in the past. The grass is not always greeener, so do your best and don't listen to all the b.s. on this site.

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Well said Southern Boy.


Referring to Grass and Fences, the color green is in the eye of the beholder, and there are a lot of different shades out there.


NO ONE is above having an accident.

Some companies treat employees better than others, some pay more than others, some maintenance is better than others, but anyone and everyone can have an accident. Who ever tells you that they are above having an accident is probably going to be the first one to have one.


If you mention any Name in the business, personal or company, there will be dozens of different opinions. ...some good, some bad and some even darnright ugly.


I've worked beside several Mustang aircraft, and have no issues with them. They have not done me wrong, other opinions certainly differ.


At the end of the day, all that matters is to be safe, look after your own family.


Keep your head up Angry Egg Driver, don't let the hoardes drag you under, you always post well. We look forward to your experiences.


Remember the old saying, ..never wrestle with a pig, as the pig likes it and you both get muddy!

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There just seems to be waaaayyyy too much slagging taking place on this forum in the last while.


Sure, everyone is entitled to an opinion and you are entitled to voice that opinion if it is relevant to the thread.


But geez, why are so many of the posts obvious blatant personal attacks???


I know it's winter and alot of drivers and wrenches have alot more free time on their hands but people, come on... surely you can contribute in a more positive manner or find something else more productive to do with your time.

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