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Yes, slurs seem to be pretty common lately.

On another topic, after slurs were hurled the following request was made....


"Time to close the thread"


No, definitely not !!

You guys can't make comments about other operators like that, then throw unpleasant remarks back and forth, and then request a closure because "your" point has been made.


I realise some of you guys have had bad experiences in this industry, some with the Aerial Recon/Airborne group and some with the Quebec based operators.

I also realise Stickjiggler and 407 Driver have personal and professional differences with the operator/base mentioned on the other thread. (These feelings have some tragic history).

However, a forum such as this may not be the right place to air such feelings, especially considering that they are a long way off-topic.


407 Driver, take up the issue with the General Manager if safety is really threatened.


412, we respect your opinions. But please don't use labels such as "foolish and weak", and then apologise for offending anyone. If you 'didn't intend it', don't say it.

Also, as mentioned earlier, your request for real names followed by your psuedonym damages your own credibility.


You guys doing the slurring on these different topics should all step back, cool off, then re-read what has been written. You'll be as disappointed as the rest of us.


Taking shots, then "apologising" or requesting "closure" should not be a feature of this website.

It is a tactic I would expect from Peeshooter (or Blackops as he now calls himself).


Kyle, Moderators, nice work lately, but......

1) How come that other topic was closed on the request of one of the involved parties ??? Who runs this place ??

2) Blackops is still on your site, (despite your "ban"). He even signs his PMs "the banned Peeshooter".


It's hard to know who has control here lately.......so why should we stay ??????

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You guys doing the slurring on these different topics should all step back, cool off, then re-read what has been written.


Amen to that!!!


I think more control should be exercised on everyone's part.


Reading a post, getting ticked off and firing back is an impulsive, immature response.


Grow up people.

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:huh: But wait......is that not what these forums are about, voicing an opinion, good , bad or otherwise? AED, do not let those opinions get to you. Maintain your high standards and just let all the "resident experts" feel they have first hand knowledge of how to run a company better.


It is amusing to note that how a lot of flight crew out there feel compeled to offer this amazing insight about tariff rates and what they should be set at, or better yet how owners and management should run a company.


Well ladies and gentlemen, deregulation has allowed just that, come on, step up to the plate and finance, give it a try. If some of you" experts" are that good it should be no problem.


Yes. i feel we should saturate our industry with more of everything, more companies, more aircraft and to go with that more crews. :o This industry has many, many years ahead to try and sort itself out, find it's place so to speak, and until it does (or maybe not), we all have to just deal with it the best we can.


For myself, i would not to be anywhere else, it's just to much fun and entertaining...... ;)

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I like your attitude HL56, I'm mainly here for entertainment too. We've been down for a week in the rain and fog....so not much else to do.


OverTalk, some good info...as always. I could certainly phone the compalint to people in power, lord knows that I have known and worked with them for a long time. Don't want to be the tattle-tail to the bosses though, not my place or style. The main reason I called "enough" its that the point has been made, it was only going to escalate and get muddy. Not my ambition to get into it deeper. I took a few good insults from 412, ...have a good idea who it is...have a few choice ones to give back, but ..not interested in Pig wrestling. Will be there to help him out if req'd. Not interested in his work, never was.


It's hard to have an open forum without these topics escalating sometimes. It may not be right, but it is human nature. I think I'll take your good advice and step back for a while, let things cool down.


PS You obviously know me, I sure wish that I knew who you were, ...been working on it for years, but can't nail it down....yet.

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Well ladies, pretty well beat this one to peices...............as 407 said, lets move on.


Heard a rumor.............


407D has accepted a marketing position with Eurocopter in Fort Erie :D:D


mags, can you confirm this :shock: :shock:

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Hi Guys and Girls,


Just got off the phone with a company in San Fran doing some work for us. $1100us an hour for the Jet Ranger. I thaught it was a little steep so I called down the road. $950us. Not bad at either end of the scale. Kind of hard to justify $690cdn wet out of Whitecourt. Rates in the toilet????? No way. Insert Sacrcasm here.

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Thanks Phil,


Glad we got that straight, yup, saw it coming for some time. The steam chichen and little rocket were just not cutting it. hear they are sending him a 350 D model as the marketing tool. :blink::D




BTW..........you living there in H'england again?

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Just for the record,


Mustangs rates I don't know, but I've been wrenching here for a year never been treated better as an AME. They pay well on time and every part I order I get. As for the turnover I think its more like loosing dead weight for the most part the crew here pilots and engineers are the some of the best I've worked with. Management is always going to be a thorn in everyones side at all companies. All I know is we are busy as **** right now that means pilots and engineers making money year round, there are not many places you can find that.

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"All I know is we are busy as **** right now that means pilots and engineers making money year round, there are not many places you can find that"



Amen to that spragclutch!


8 years in the industry and happy as **** at Mustang!


My only comment is for the new fella (Ryan) Im not sure where you get off making the comment you made. Do your research!, since joining Mustang I have personally seen 4-6 low time guys get hired in the capacity of ground crew and 2 of them are now in flying positions. Dont get caught up in the mud slinging and bashing that this site has recently become known for, base your opinions on first hand information, and become a leader not a follower.


Good luck in your endeavors!



Good Day Gents!



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