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I am one that balances 2 professions, one in the industry operating my own maintenance company and one out of the rotary industry as a senior manager with some 8,000 customers to satisfy. I find the politics are the same where ever you go and whatever business one is in, only the names are different.


I suppose one has to access the situation and how it may or may not impact his/her short and long term goals, pending on what the industry is doing at the particular time of the change management. Just prior to my departure I went in to speak to the Operations manager and asked the direction the company was going, rather that let the rumours throughout the company fester. After my brief conversation I came to the conclusion that the direction MHI was going at that time was not in my best interest and I advised the Ops manger of my intensions to leave.


Guess it comes down to one’s personal view point on the company and tolerance level to adapt to change.

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"foolish and weak"????can't remember sayin' that... but hey, oldtimers is kicking in so who knows...........


me insult 407D!!!! :shock: seriously, if i did...no, never mind :P


man, you leave for a while and the whole place goes up :stupid:


i've never kept my identity a secret unlike others so if you're gonna sling anything don't hide behind a anonymous user name..........


this place is starting to remind me of Justhelicopters.....think i'm gonna take a break for a while. go see what CTD is doin'. ya'll take care.........



aka rob dyck

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... Each and every person who is experiencing a loss of morale is doing it for their own reasons. I bet it's be a hard pressed issue to find a couple of guys with-in any company to agree on why they're not happy.


I didn't know you were a Russian novel fan ####... but that sounds very similar to the opening line of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, which, if memory serves me, goes something like this, "Every happy family is alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in it's own way"... Or something like that...



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p.s. Rosco knows him and the Red & White very well also!! B)


p.p.s. Does dog hair on the back seat of a company truck ring a bell Roscoe??! :shock:


You bet I know the Red & White very well..... :hide:


The company truck thing was, what, one of three that week & I even was on holidays......that whole week still makes me sick to my stomach....never help out the DOM when you're on holidays, I wish I would have had caller ID back then :P


What if, huh helidude. :(





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There seems to be a touch of confusion on who was saying what about who.


Be advised that there is a big difference between "412 Driver" and "412".


"412 Driver" has been a valued and PROFESSIONAL member of the forum for ages.


"412" just signed on to join the brief melee on the weekend.


Don't get the names confused. <_<

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man, you guys had me worried...... :(


thought i was suffering from a JECKLE and DYCK syndrome :shock: :P:D


been scratching my head all day about this one :huh:


glad that's cleared up. ok, my morale is up now :up: carry on....



rob dyck

instructor bc helicopters

(just so there's no confusion ;) )

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Be advised that there is a big difference between "412 Driver" and "412". 


Well said 407Driver. Always wonder why someone copies so close to cause confusion... :down:


Some of us 'older' people in the industry can't take to much confusion :shock: :shock:


We may choose to hide behind our "names" here, but let's not hide behind someone else. :rant:

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