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Mike Fouquet

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Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words, and thoughts.

We have just made the final arrangements for Mike.


His Celebration of life will be Friday, March 23rd / 2012 at 3:00 pm, at the Prince Rupert Golf Club.

Hoping you can pass the word for me, as I’m not sure who would like to attend,…the kids and I are driving up this weekend, to make the rest of the arrangements.


Prince Rupert Golf Club

523 9th Ave.

West, Prince Rupert BC

V8J 2S9


Thank you,


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I'm truely saddened of learning of Mikes passing.

I had not worked with him for a few years, but through the good times of Helipro and Canadian and VIH we certainly shared our share of swarf.

From Prince Rupert,Terrace, all the way to Grants Pass Oregon, I always felt comfortable that he was fixing the 61 for me.

We had many of long hard hrs of 61 mgb fitting changes, but also the few beverages after the long days of rivet bashing. He is a loss to the industry. A bigger loss to his family.

My heart goes out to you Trish and the family.

Sorry I'm going to miss friday as it is not far away.

Jim Anderson

Terrace BC

Working in Melbourne Fla. for a while.

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When I original started this post , I was unsure of what had happened (accident ,sickness etc..) but I assumed it was bad . Sitting in the jungle in South America did not leave me a lot of options and I did not want to call Trish as this would be a hard time for her .So i went to this forum (that would be why the PM ). Mike will be missed , I still see his smiling face when we were working in Oz



Dave P

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