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Calgary Police Pilot

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.... I am sure it will be the same political boondoggle it always is, when this request for pilots comes out of Calgary.

Probably go to some inexperienced friend of a friend.



Hold on not officially true! The oficial line is transparency and complete fairness as with most government organizations.. I highly doubt that there will be any form of nepotism or favoritism :huh: but then again its the same situation with most federal agencies.. Not what you know or how qualified but who you know...but who you blow!


That't life in the official world of window dressing and such.. But hum-diddly it sounds good and is believable if you are a complete moron!



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I had some exposure to them a few years ago. There were some issues with the police staff side, pilots are civilian , but those were fixed years ago.

They are a good dedicated group. I would not hesitate to apply if you are interested in that sort of work and schedule.

They have good equipment. Probably average 2 hours flying per shift.

Although there is a long line component, as they have or had a Bambi bucket, you will spend hundreds more hours doing left hand orbits than long line. Ok, hunderds and hunderds and hundreds more orbit time.

And for those far far away, they are the Calgary Police, they police Calgary. They are not RCMP.( federal)

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