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Degree That Works Well In Conjuncture With Helicopter Pilot

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Dude, honestly... If you're serious about being a heli pilot, I almost wouldn't bother. I did 5 years at uni to get a geology degree before I decided I wanted to fly. It's just gathering dust... but I know nerdy trivia about the terrain I fly over top of.


Otherwise, this ain't like the fixed wing world, I have yet to see an employer who cares about post secondary.

Might be better off to save your money for flight school...


On the other hand, it might be a good opportunity to see what else out there tickles your fancy, and it never hurts to have something to fall back on if flying doesn't work out. Though, having been away from geology for 5 years, I don't know how relevant my education is by now. A trade might actually be better!


The biggest thing I took away from uni is how to study effectively, and how to give "examiners" (read: employers, training pilots, etc) the types of answers that they want.


As daz stated, just my /$0.02

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Seriously??? Your a "Brave" man asking a question like that here!.........Fire away boys!   After 20 years in this business here are some of the "degree's" I wish I would have gotten!   Dr of Proc

Like a US republican. Post secondary education or spelling words correctly is elitist.

Ah yes....the superior mentality types are bringing this thread to a higher level I see !!!???!

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Hey guys,

Could anyone point towards a degree that would work well with being a helicopter pilot (a company would see your degree as a plus)?

I'm thinking Geography, or Geology. Any other recommendations?



Hey Flash,


If you're looking for a serious answer, I would suggest you consider a Bachelor of Commerce. It can't say it will ever be "the reason" you get a particular job, but I can say from experience that the many skills you acquire while obtaining the degree will be helpful throughout your career.


Some of the skills you can look forward to learning while you work towards your degree are;


A comfort and ease with public speaking.


An ability to organize your thoughts into a meaningful and understandable presentation.


A familiarity with the various corporate structures such as sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and partnerships as well as the tax advantages that can be achieved within each one.


Financial management and forecasting.


And the list goes on...


Many of the previously mentioned skills do not require a degree to master and therefore you may be better to save your money and put it towards your living expenses for the first few years of your piloting career. On the other hand, completing any degree or skilled trade before you become a pilot will show all potential employers that you are willing to stick it out and see a job through. I can't say for sure that my degree has made the difference for me in my career but I definitely would say that it has been comforting to have as a fall back option along the way.


I hope this helps.





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Lots of good idea, here's a couple more:


Have you thought about training as an AME? Might be a better route to work your way into the industry. Or else go to NAIT and get a gas operators certificate so that you're qualified to be a pilot operator. Seems like a fairly direct route into a pilot's seat.


Good luck,



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At the risk of being helpful....What exactly do you want to be "when you grow up"?


If you want to be PURELY a professional pilot, wouldn't the time be better spent building hours and different experience (long line...various aircraft type ratings etc).


I know a very accomplished pilot who did some time flying in the military.....but he also has both a Bachelor's and a Master's in engineering.

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