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Ame Contractor Liability Insurance

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The problem is the fact that you have being involved in the maintenance, that you endorse all other work that have being c/o before, and that your name is the last on the maintenance release. Even if you did everything IAW, they will try to get you responsible, and where are you going to find the 25 000$ in lawyer fee to defend yourself ,,,


That is why a liability insurance come handy, as they will settle out court for the amount of the coverage.




You are not certifying other work. You are certifying your OWN work. You are not endorsing the other work. In the "old days", yup that's how it was but not now. :) But, I agree having liability Insurance if One is a Propiertier it would be a good thing to have. Tho Honestly, to pay for the insurance would not be cost effective unless the insurance premium was on top of the daily rate or hourly.

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The only way to be 100% protected is to be an employee.


Or get an responsibility insurance, as I did when I was working with private heli owner, the cost represent 15-20$ per day, and the coverage will be enough, or get the AMO to add your cie and it's employee under their own insurance.


There a couple of insurance broker that will find you a good package, that will even cover you if you cause a fire and burn down a whole hanger with a cpl of aircraft in it. As you said, as long as the mud stick on the wall ...


Thanks guy's for your interest in this topic, it might help to determined the daily cost so you are charging your customer accordingly.

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This is a good topic and is often raised, being in the aviation insurance busines myself, the only way to truely protect yourself is to buy your own stand alone liability policy for your business. If nothing else it covers defense costs, insurer's will defend you. Aviation insurance premiums are at an all time low at present, so its a good opportunity to purchase coverage with decent limits of liability.

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I thought if you were incorporated that your personal assets aren't liable... just your business?


And if so... get it written into your contract so that it states you (your incorporated business) are not liable and are covered by the company, etc, etc, etc... maybe hire a lawyer to write it up with big fancy words?


And if they can't agree on that... then charge more to cover your own insurance costs?

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