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Family Life And The Helicopter Business?


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407 driver,

I think there are a select few that are making the high end, Probably your old base pilot is up there by now.

As for the pool vs base, I enjoy the pool,only because of the 2 and 2. Travelling all over North America, Its like being a tourist and getting payed for it, get to be in some interesting areas.

But its nice on our contract, University town lots of pubs and good looking women nice area. Even meeting celebs walking down the street ,flying in Yellowstone National Park. I'll have to send you some pics.

what more can you ask for. I did enjoy the base except for the 5 am calls to go tree planting on call all the time. For now I'm happy with the pool, it allows me to do anything I want on my 2 weeks off, the office nevers calls. I can shut the cell off and don't have to worry about it. But I know our cases are rare in the industry.

I'm treated good here and I'm happy and thats whats inportant. It all depends on the individual and what they want and like.

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.........and with Reddog's comment in mind, here's an open statement to all the "bean-counters" and various office staffs........"Without US the company fails. Without YOU it doesn't operate too well. Therefore, you are in place to ASSIST those of us who justify your paycheque for that assistance. ALWAYS remember that we are #1 and without us, there would be no need for #2...... which is YOU". NEVER tell us therefore, that WE are working FOR you".



Thought this was a good time for that comment gents. Many of those various types of "bean-counters" know this fact, but sometimes many of the others need to be reminded every once in awhile. :D

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JaJR.....I presume you're looking at a pilot's point of view .but I'll offer mine as an engineer...AS for your question I've done both..pool and base....I first started on F/W then intoR/W ,back to F/W and finally R/W which I've been for the last 25 years. I met my wife when I was back intoR/W..I made it clear what to expect concerning my job.She accepted it...Maybe she was in awe by what a great catch I was.... You're excused if you want to go and hurl......Getting back...We wound up having three children......My greatest regrets of this way of life, was when my kids were very young and not being there,for the first step..birthdays...having a neighbor teach your daughter to ride a bike ..etc..etc..We are well past that stage now, and you can bet that Grandpa[that will be me]will be there for my Grandkids..even if I'm still working in this field....Other than that part of it..I have enjoyed my career in aviation,and have met and worked with many of the fine people who also frequent this site.......Hope this helps you in your decisions...Otooley















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Never been able to make the tour thing work. Did it for ten years and always hated it. Went to EMS, very little flying and not much pay to be home. Now I'm luckily making pretty decent coin flying offshore, lots of hours, and home everynight, but took me awhile to get here. I'd tour to make ends meet but wouldn't do it if I had other options.

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:D I have been married to the same ole gal for 32 years and all of it has been great because I was only there 16 of those years being an old fart helicopter pilot.

Live each day and have one heck of a ball.

Keep the spinny side up and the hard side down.

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