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"Cold" is a very relative thing to us Canadians... Today's high in Anaheim is forecast to be 60 F. That's about 60 degrees warmer than it is here right now... :up:


Long range forecast calls for warming temps next week (up to 71F).


And before you go sayin' it gets cold in CO too, I know, but at that altitude, the humidity is much lower. Try 0 degrees F @ 85% relative humidity. You can put on as many layers as you want, you still freeze yer assets off ! :huh:

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..a few hints, be at or near the Dart booth about 1/2 hour before closing.

..find out where the manufacturers or insurance company parties are being held  Good eats, lots of booze, Do us all proud !

...aren't you a bit old to be sitting on a mouse's lap???


Who's Dart ?


Hmmmmm booze.. :rolleyes:


Never been to Disney before. Did I get that confused with Santa ? :blink:

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The dart stand always seemed to have just about every employee of the company there , gave the impression of beeing a lot larger company that it was . Wonder if things have changed much after the takeover , are they still coming out with new products like they used to ?. Std Aero and Acro_helipro parties are usualy good the last EC one I went to in Anneheim was dissapointing , in some sort of kids discovery centre and huge lines for booze. Wont be there this year though sob sob.

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Last year in vegas,standard didn't have a party,Acro's was in a room ment for 100...had to be at least 500 ....try and get to the food and drinks...and you want to stand for 4 hrs...Bells party was on the day before the show opened...anyways this year may be better...have an invite from both Bell and EC.... :up:

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Well, followed someone's advice and hung around the DART booth near the end of the day. They had a plasma screen with the game on. Around 4 o'clock the beer showed up. When the show closed at 5pm, they announced it, turned down the lights, and invited people to leave. No one moved at the DART booth ! There wer about 3 minutes left in the first half. The beer ran out just after 5, but still no movement... Finally, just as the half-time show started, someone pulled the plug on the TV. That's when people started shoving off. :(


BTW, DART have these kick-*** barstools made of skid-tubing. The seat is an upside-down bearpaw. They're great ! They're thinking of adding them to their next catalog, but at 500 bucks a pop, I don't think they'll sell that many... :blink:


Did I miss anything ?.... oh yeah ! Lot's of nice helicopter thingies everywhere ! :up:


Most impressive by far has to be the Forrestale Skycrane on display. I rode in Chinooks when I was in the army, but this thing is so much more impressive... :shock:


There's also a 204-based experimental gunship on display (204-SS I think). It has five Gatling guns ! It looks like a mock-up. Don't know if it was ever a serious project. I<ll try and snap a couple pics of it tomorrow...

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