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Hey Skidz;


I have a mission for you, if you are willing. Find out from the sponsors of the internet cafe(FDC Airfilters), if they have approval to fly to lower limits in Astars with the filter installed now in snow. As of now they are limited to .89 NM in snow for 10 minutes max.(same limit as without any protection) They were supposed to have it my HAI, so hope they do. If unwilling to accept this mission it will self destruct in 2-3 years.

:up: :up:


Have fun!!



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Spoke to the boys at FDC. They spent December in Michigan "chasing snow". The FAA has the data. They're hoping to have the restriction lifted within 4 weeks. Worst case, it'll be reduced. Thanks to you, I've got a stack of FDC calendars to bring back with me to bride CPs and Ops Mgrs on my next roadtrip :up:




I've got lots of pics of that modified 204. It's called "The Penetrator". The guy who owns it is a bit of a flake. I'll post the pics when I get home and can dump them from my camera... :)

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When I say flake, I mean this guy regularly deserted his stand (almost literally) chasing every decent looking female in sight. The guys in the stands near his were just about pissing themselves... Turns out thsi guy tries to get the helicopter booked for movie deals and such...


Haven't finished unpacking yet. I'll post the pics in the Gallery...




Yes, sun get did I, Monday cruising spent Hollywood Beverly Hills and did I... :D Next time I'm in YYC I'll look you up. You never know, I might still have an FDC calendar left... ;)

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