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Disregard. For anyone interested I talked to the guy at Merit Apparel the other day and he said they have only sold one LH350 and he wouldn't reccomend them. He said all the changes gallet made from the LH250 were negative. Heavier and bulkier. It's shorter but 2 inches wider. The chin strap is like a football helmet where is cups your chin. Probably not too comfortable after a long day in the summer heat. Needles to say I'm getting a new LH250.

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Don balk at the Alpha Eagle either, and they DO have a dealer and free shipping within Canada.


I got one and love it's weight. I also got a new lip-light from www.flitelite.com and it is very fancy, too bad the night season has ended in the arctic...

My A-E has dual Visor and rigid cover, but is super fast to convert to single visor or dual visor with soft cover.




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I've used an Alpha since 2001 and I love it. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. In December I bought a 250 from Merrit Apparel and I can't believe how much more comfortable it is. The CofG is significantly better, it's lighter, more comfortable and with the inner dark visor, there's less light seeking in.


I have no experience withe the 350 but the 250 rocks

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